Do you think Newt Gingrich has a chance of becoming the president?

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    I heard his speech after he won SC.He was very articulate and to the point. He might have a chance . Far too early to tell.

    A three some in the white house might be going a bit far.

    He has about the same chance to win, as Obama has to lose. Sorry but I hold very little hope for Americans. 

    I sure hope not.

    They voted Bush in didn't they, so anything is possible!!!

    newt will shred him if they debate

    Another god-fearing religious hypocrite is just what America needs at the moment. Perry,Bachman and Cain all bowed out despite telling all who listened that "God had told them to run".

    Now, either: a-  God changed his mind during the Primaries.  b- God is O for three  c-God didn't tell any of those 3 jokers to run, or d- god doesn't exist.

    Which do you pick ?


    sorry digger did not mean to vote you down.if GOD tells me to run in a marathon and i finish last but whitnees to 1 person who does not know the lord as their savior it was worth it all if they become saved.i do understand your point people with ambition want to think their quest for poweris nobile

    @Bob. So that would make the three candidates three LYING god-fearing religious hypocrites

    @dwayne. Lying hypocrites in politics abound, regrettably.

    Any candidate has a chance. How big the chance is? is another question.

    Newt is a smart politician, there is sooo much attention to his private life that people are forgetting this.  It seems to the American voting public that agendas and expierence has little to do with who wins. It's how the media plays it because the media is the liaison in marketing anything. People believe what the see on TV so therefore, the liberal media will once again glorify Obama and destroy any opposition and people will buy it.

    MONEY, if you follow the money trail you will understand how and why the media pushes for Obama.

    It's funny how hypocritical they are.. When Clinton made the oval office into the oral office, it was ok, people looked at his presidential workmanship.  However, take a republican in this situation and he is a  threat to the nation..   four more years of Obama and we are in for some real headaches, however, whatever bad may come along, it is surely to be the republicans fault somehow. And probably GWB's fault. Democrats will absolutely not take the blame for anything...   


    I might add that Romney is a threat too because he is rich. This is bad for a republican to be rich. John Kerry was/is more wealthy than any politician in history of the USA and he is in the same tax bracket, even though its not his money.. No problem there.. It is not wrong nor should it be implied wrong to have made a success of yourself, this is the American dream! It is not illegal to be rich, pay your taxes and Romney does. He gives 7 million to charity, 1.5 million to the Mormon church but the left thinks this is bad. They say he cares more about his church than his government. So I guess this means the left wants the government to be a charity.. And, its heading this way with Obama's Equalization speeches.

    In the world today; lots of money and a make-over will increase your chances with just about anybody.

    It looks like the 'Nuter' can handle the press OK and isn't afraid of telling it the way it is.  That's refreshing as hell from a political figure.   I think the Nute could go to Iran, put the drone under his arm, point his finger and say     I'm Warning you, do it again and its your ass. 

    Probably not.  You can count on our  liberal media crucifying him.  Too bad.  Another three years with Obama could lead to a third world nation.

    I hope not . His ideas are brutal and heartless . Cant run a country like a business with no compassion or kindness. I wish we could vote none of the above .

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