When working out in a gym, what is better to drink for metabolism? warm water or chilled?

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    Years ago a friend of mine had a good friend who raced bicylcles... in his final race he drank ice cold water then dropped dead on the spot.  I heard this story over thirty years ago and it has stuck with me... when working out I drink room temperature water.

    I think its better to drink something like Gatorade.. If your working out. It does put electrolytes back into your body. I think it was my drill Sargent that said if you don't like the taste you don't need it. I think its true , if  i wake up in the morning and  drink a gatorade first thing it s not good.... after working hard, working up a sweat ya it taste pretty good.

    Drink fluids at room temperature.....

    i have heard this before, apparently tempered water is good for you.

     Ice Water room temperture always


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