What about bald men are they attractive?

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    People are attractive based on their personality.  Some bald people (men and women) and some "hairy" people (men and women) are very attractive....some are not at all.  In my opinion, it  has nothing to do with their hair.


    "Hair hair "Oh I mean "Hear hear.

    Moderator that "here here"? :)

    Beeing bald, in my opinion, does not make a man more attractive or unattractive. Its personality that counts!.

    Some bald men are very attractive.

    A man is attractive... bald or with hair... If he is a good looking man and can carry himself with confidence... It is sexy.


    Hmmm? Should I shave?..KOTF.

    Yes.... LOL... no I am sure you have a nice head of hair... if you have not shave yet....

    More attractive than bald women.


    Though I suppose it depends where they are bald.

    "I love bald woman ,any woman one leg one arm one eye one breast .As long as the rest at the bottom is there.

    I don't really mind at all - although you know what they say about bald men. Regardless like the shine if it extends to the personalty. 

    My husband is bald he is attractive


    Baldness just looks cleaner...........

    BALDNES, what is baldness?""


    If you got it flaunt it. I guess i was lucky ,both my brothers are bald, for some reason i have kept my hair, the photo was taken 37 years ago, my hair is not as long now but i still have the natural colour hair without the use of chemicals, i put it down to eatihg plenty of Vegemite which contains a vitamin which is good for the hair.

    you little cutie, you!

    You are also hilarious!

    Once knew a Doctor whose baby was born bald and still bald about six months or so - just adorable.

    Dont know . I pre-fare "Woman ,even "Baldy I never look at the "Top when I am looking at the "bottom" get my drift."Oh them curves .

    Like many have said, attractive, sexy, appealing is based on more than hair.  My ex-husband was always the handsomest man in the room (in my eyes) and he began losing his hair at age 16.  Wasn't much left when I met him at 36.  


    And that doesn't in any way take away from his his appeal, does it??

    Not by the hair on MY chinny chin chin it didn't! :D

    Year and age don't matter.  It's the man at the moment that counts,  hair or no hair!!    Years ago don't matter,'s the here and now that matters!!!

    Lori, I just read your bio,......very best to you,...especially being a nurse.   Can't say what I'm thinking,   just sending the very best to you!!!!

    Absolutely,   hair has no effect whatsoever as to whether I find a man attractive  or not.  As a matter of fact, the less hair on his head and the more hair on his chest and back, the more I like it.....A REAL man to me.........................

    If the man is naturally bald, yes of course he can be handsome. I myself prefer a man with a good head of hair. Especially if he is well groomed. When a man shaves his head for no reason, like a skin head or to be in a gang of some sort, is a total turn off.  I was brought up in the 70s era when everyone grew there hair long even if they were balding. I do miss the shoulder length feathered hair style, so cute. Excuse me for jumping from bald to hairy, I consider  myself  to be a hair lover, I love to cut mans hair and I enjoy a man who allows me to. Back to the question my answer is yes if its the way he is.


    Iam sharpening the scissors as we type

    At least there is one woman who likes a head of hair, thanks, Star.

    I am

    Either way is fine with me... handsome is handsome.

    I dont think it matters at all both are attractive in my books

    It depends upon what's under their scalps.


    Yes we are.

    i tend to like hair on people.  men and women.  no i am not gay but i think hair is part of one's personality and style.  However, one of the sexiest men i have even seen was bald.  some women prefer bald men.  actually i can not see where it matters.  beauty is beauty bald or bountiful.  it does not matter.  confidence, good inner quality coming out. style, personality and for me personal style is really what makes a man attractive and women too.  Everybody's got a style.  Some find there's some don't. Some don't care.  It's all good.

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