What exactly is... "Stark Raving Mad"?

    I am watching a movie and that term was mentioned... my Mother said it a lot when I was a child... What is it?

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    ""        SORT OF LIKE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!


    Funny! That is what I pictured in my head!

    Not exactly sure, but I was at work one day and found the other staff member hitting her head into a wooden cupboard, screaming "I can't do this anymore" I had the fleeting thought that she was stark raving mad and probably more difficult than the people she was meant to be helping, she left thank goodnes!


    Oh my goodness! Poor woman... :(

    Now that is truly being frustrated with the job! WOW!

    My neighbor down the street who has determined that I'm her best friend. Keep her on her meds!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here ya go; being stark raving mad can make you a raving lunatic!



    I"LL ask the "Wife" "Oh there's an other word added you"Idiot" Your stark Raving mad you Idiot means I am "Mental" You would be to "Married for Fifty years!

    Definition of stark staring mad, l WILL switch this computer off after one hour.


    Fishy My Mothers said the same thing to me in passing xx


    My sister and I drove my poor Mother Stark Raving Mad... She was so much more serious when I was a child.

    Fish Fry you sound very like me and my Brother as Kids another one of her saying is "I am mad enough to have a drink" not that she ever ever had a drink in her life! oxoxo

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