why do elephants paint there toenails red.

    so they look cute.


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    Why do elephants have springs on their feet?

    So they can bounce into trees & play with apes.

    What's the most dreaded sound in the jungle?

    Boing! Boing! Boing!


    My laugh for the day, Thank You!

    Sorry Tommy, I had to edit. This is a child asking.

    Party Pooper! LOL

    So they can hide in the cherry trees..........


    Or apple trees........

    They dont paint them..... Poor things have a human making them a laughing stalk of the circus.

    To hide in the strawberry patch, Why did tarzan paint his crown jewels red, so he could hide in the strawberry patch, how did tarzan die, elephants picking strawberries. lol.

    Cause it's Friday !!

    The elephants wanted to paint their toenails blue (it's a winter tradition) but those monkeys (cheeky as we all know they can be) bought all the blue nail polish up from 'Thelma's "You Look Good" Emporium' and so Red was the next best thing.  Sigh.


    Were you looking at my bum?
    You cheeky monkey.:)

    Large smile you crazy nut! Oh
    and hilarious!

    ... Poor poor Thelma... Year end drew near and so her accountant, the great Baloo became busy with calculations.

    (We must keep in mind that according to Baloo one new 'bear necessity' is a holiday in Spain and so the accountant gig became a must).

    ... Just at the very moment when all seemed to be lost. A sad and sorry year for our gal Thelma... Perms came back! The 'in thing'... don't you know! BIG HAIR IS IN! Whoot, and ABBA is back in style to boot. Double Woot for a certain person who will remain nameless.
    Thelma had 102 boxes of perm rods of various colours and styles in the back of her stock room... overflow from the 80's. We all know that when the straight iron was perfected no one and I mean no one could sell a perm rod to save their sorry souls... especially not the purple ones.
    Thelma's "You Look Good" Emporium was back in business. Everyone wants gigantic hair!
    Thelma and Kaa joined Baloo in Spain that year and went on some amazing pottery studio tours. A slice of fantastique... sigh.

    So you can spot them in the jelly beans.



    In Indai the Elephant is a sacret anilmal and when there is a relgouse festable they worship the elephent who is called ghenshia and they do paint there toes nails red and cover them in flowers but know harm comes to the elephant at all not like our circuses who prarade them and make them do tricks and if they dont they get beaten with electric prongs they are such a majestic animal we should let them be and let them back into the wild


    I agree. You are kind.

    itsmee thanks oxoxo

    because they don't have any fingernails.

    Elephants can't and wouldn't paint their own toenails!!  Only humans would do something so degrading to such a magnificent, majestic, intelligent creature.  Are their toenails painted in the wild? No, they have much more important tasks at immediate hand. Only humans would.....


    Mich i think this was a joke.

    Bulletman, I feel foolish if that is the case. I try not to be naive, but I find that sometimes I still am. AND we get such weirdo questions on this site that I have a hard time telling legitimate from fake questions, sometimes. And that is exactly what the fake question asker wants!!!! Oh, well,....not the end of the world!! We move on...

    Moving on... Why do monkeys choose to paint their toenails blue? (place grin here!):D

    michmar118, I received a book of elephant jokes and riddles when I was 12 and this was actually one of them. How I remembered that the answer I gave was the one in the book is beyond me ('cept I remember stuff I'll never really NEED). Your answer shows me a sincere concern for them, and you don't need to feel foolish about that!

    "" Why are my eyes pink?


    Any thing to do with that glass of gin?

    Is that Colleen Kool Aid?

    Red is only boy Elephants,

    For the same reason they paint their toenails red.

    Red must be your elephants favorite color...

    They only have three toes

    Who gave them the nail polish?

    They painted their toenails red because they were out of PURPLE !   {:D

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