when breeding your dog how many generation should you go back on pedigree

    can your dog breed with grandpa or great grand parent whats acceptabe or none

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    This is the site for the American Kennel Association... It is very easy to use.

    I would also be very careful with breeding back within the line.

    Genetics is very strange sometimes. You can breed two fine champions of same breed , and end up with something not expected.  Pig breeding is a good example . A few years ago the grand champion pig at Houston Livestock Show only cost the owner 250.00 to purchase as a young pig. People pay thousands for the best genetics of pigs to try winning. You always want genetic improvement. Breeding back , chances are does not get any. You get no additive genetic differences.

    Go to this site... you can ask all sorts of information.

    sorry I think there are far to much breeding there are pleanty of poor animals in shelter who need a home dont go there please I dont mean to affend but how I feel

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