how do i get my chalky dog to eat hes own food

    i have tried all sorts of dog food, and he sniffs and walks away. but if i give him chicken or food off my plate he laps it up..i have stopped doing that now and stopped all treats but he still wont eat.

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    What is a "chalky" dog?


    Kind of white in "Colour" or a sick one You can rub him on a "Snooker cue ( chalk )

    Is that his real purpose?

    PEOPLELove gave you some good advice. I dont know what kind of dog food you feed him, but he will be alot healthier with the raw food diet and also keep his teeth clean.

    Trust me, he will not starve to death but I also suggest the following diet.

    Raw raw raw I connot emphasise enough raw chicken frames or chicken wings.

    You should be able to get the frames at your local chicken shop. Frames are the skeliton after they have had edible bits removed but still have an amount, be it only a little, meat on them.

    I have never found a dog that does not love raw chicken, but remember RAW. Give them cooked and the bones that became brittle in the cooking process will perforate the dogs intestine.

    Add to this cooked mixed vegetables. I buy the el cheapo brand of mixed diced frozen vegetables.

     Cook the vegs in a little water and add one or two stock cubes, chicken,beef doesn`t matter. Add about a third of a cup of BROWN rice cook it all up and store in the ~fridge.

    My girl is 28 kg (border collie size) and she gets one frame and two serving spoons of veg mix each night.

     Remember DO NOT COOK FRAMES or wings.Good luck and let me know how it goes.


    Interesting. In the last 2 yrs of my dogs chesters kidney failure, I always made his food.I cooked white rice in chicken broth and added cooked vegetables. {white rice because of kidney failure}I bought natural ground beef or cooked chicken and added it to the rice mixture. I also gave him raw beef bones. Usually dogs die within a year or before with kidney failure. My dog chester lived 1 year longer than the norm.I really believe it was his diet, that kept him alive longer.I always made a big batch of his food and added Vit. C as a preservative. It usually lasted 1 week in the fridge.

    Thanks for sharing Ann and I know the diet you gave Chester was certainly benefical.
    I noted you fed him , if I am correct "ground beef or cooked chicken" the fact the chicken was ground would remove the danger of bones splintering. Providing of course it was ground small enough.
    You diet for Chester was excellent, one question how much vitaminC to preserve? This is a newy on me "The dog Man"
    The only thing I seemissing is the teeth cleaning jaw exercising of full bones.
    Did you supplement with chew bones such as "Denta bone?"
    Very interesting and thanks again, gee we learn heaps here don`t we?

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