If you had the Opportunity to change your destiny, would you?

    The path of life you have chosen, if you could,  would  you change it -- life certainly would be different, more ways than one.

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    My ex went on his... Not for me. I went on mine. I feel it is all about the journey.
    I am glad you came back by the way.

    Thanks FISH, I'M glad to be back , i have noticed a few new ones and name changes, the Question is only hypothetical as we cannot change our past even if i wanted to but it most likely to cause other hiccups, everyone answered as i expected.

    Oh darn it.. I should have included aliens and expeditions in Africa... sorry, maybe next time! :)

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    I would not run the risk of never meeting my husband or giving birth to my son. 

    This has been my journey and it will be my journey until the day I die... It can't be anything else.


    Iknow wat you are saying as i have two daughters, the ex. went on her own journey.

    My path is what made me who I am .. I wouldnt change a thing



    Would you "Please change that Photo I "sweat every-time I look at It,And its winter time here!!.

    I love pin up girls.. That is back when women were women... But yes I will change it just for you.

    pin up? Jenn: Don’t change it. It’s not too much. It’s just right. Dowsa, it was kinda funny what you said though.

    Jenn, at least you wouldn't worry about drowning. lol.

    Bullet.. I dont understand....

    Jenn, there was a photo you posted of a well enowed girl, it was supposed to be you.( Big Boobs = Water wings - no fear of drowning.:)

    The cartoon or the photo???

    Me .no i like to think i'm right on track...


    You must be a rail road man daren keep on track .lol

    I have chosen the right path now! it took two marrages and I am on my last marrage which is the third and that is it I wish i knew what  I know now than I did when I was younger I have made foolish mistakes through being young and nieve and possible stupid! anyway glad your back bullitman we have missed you where have you been! hope it was all good! xxx


    G'day Mel, let's say i was on an extended hoilday, NO i wasn't in prison and thanls Mel, i hope you are on the right path now, third time round, phew !!!!

    bullitman glad you wernt in the clink! and you were on your holls and of course your back with us! they say third time lucky! xxx

    I would! Just a few bad decisions I'd like to get a second chance on. But until I can get my hands on a time machine or travel to another dimension I am good with things the way they are.

    Maybe I could have had a lick of the tar brush, that would have helped a lot.

    Nah I have had a interesting life, outlived 2 wives got a third, few days in gaol, few years in the army, travelled a bit, met a lot of interesting people, had my share of the old lord rex, own everything I have (not that that`s a lot).

    If I wrote a book people would think I made half the stuff up.Nah I have played the hand I was dealt and hopefuly I still have a few aces to go.


    Glad your back mate.


    Thanks mate, i only hope, i can say the same, when i'm a little older. lol.

    Not at all. Every moment has been a lesson, good or bad, I've learned a lot through this journey. 


    well siad Colleen xoxoxo

    NO CHANGE. I am a happy "son of a "Gun".

    No. I'm grateful for the way my life has gone so far.

    I've traveled all over the world, have a great wife and I'm basically happy.

    Wish I would have paid more attention in school when I was young but if I did my life may have taken a different path than it has.

    Its all good.


    Glad to here that, TSC.

    Destiny is not to be messed with. One person changing theirs could be disaster for many! Destiny is just that!

    I'm happy now but, there is something I would have changed regarding my son............



    You never know what tomorrow will bring.

    Yes and no.

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