If I marry someone that is in prison and getting out am I respondable for her restitution if she does not pay on it

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    If you need free legal advise in your area there should be a listing of all lawyers on line or just open the yellow pages... for a small fee or for no cost at all you can receive one half an hour of legal advise.

    Another option is to phone a University Law department in your area.  Students man telephone lines for questions such as this.  It gives them practice.

    Good Luck by the way.

    Let me give you some good words of advice. Chances are there is nothing good that a convict has to offer you . If you cant find anybody else in life , you have a self esteem problem. I wish you luck. By the way , if she does not pay , you are not responsible. She will just be sent back to prison. Then you will be getting a divorce , probably. If you have to ask , i can tell you are going to be in some trouble.  The question is do you want to pay her restitution , and be married to a convict with future problems.

    If you are that crazy I suppose so......

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