What's Is with those spoiled little kids on facebook? whats tour opinion.

    What's up with the little kids on facebook? Your opinions?!?!

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    I can't get my head around the Thing... I only want Face Book for business and it insists I should have a personal page... What the heck for?  My family and friends know exactly what I am up to... I talk to them on a regular basis.

    Kids like to have their friends and others in the know... the world revolves around me ... we were all like that at 12, I suppose.  Every single thing in my head seemed soooo important at that age.  That is probably why it seems so irratating.   

    it is rubish as far as I am concerned everyone knows everyones buisness which is very dangerouse in my books anyway also kids get picked on and bullied at school because of things they have said on the site even beat up and thats quite regular it should be shut down whats wrong with the old fashoined email and the tex

    I use facebook daily.  Ikeep in touch with my family that lives all over the world.... I dont have a probblem with FB at all...

    I do have a problem with kids posing provocatively. I wonder where their parents are.. or if the parents are the one allowing the pictures to be posted.


    Same here. I do not have problems with kids on FB.

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