Who HATES winter?

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    ... But Baby it's cold outside... It's -4 degrees Celcius right now.  It is now warm!


    no kidding Fryfish....I MISS SUMMER!!

    Summer is a dream.

    I thought Fish liked cold water or nearly.Thats why your skin is so "Silky or do you take Fish oil tablets as well.

    I like winter. I dont like the really hot weather.

    Me,maybe if I lived in the south it would'nt be so bad,but I live in the north and I can't stand winters here any more...I can deal with the snow but it's that bitter cold that's gets me,going down to 7 degrees here in northeast Ohio tonight.


    Get over here Rick, -5 at best this time of year, look forward to seeing

    Wow ROMOS,-5 at best,I feel for you,hope you have a nice fire going,I live about 5 min.from one of the great lakes here in the states and it can get that cold here too,with that wind blowing off the lake that Fish Fry sends my way.

    -5 sounds like you got a heat wave..


    I dislike winter only when its rains as it gets real damp Love the spring


    Winter" brr the only spring I like is the one in my mattress long lie "Snore lol.

    thanks dowsa! oxoxox

    I love winter .When it snows. No cleaning windows cutting grass .Clearing dogs droppings ( could be Colleen"s dogs or little troopers she says more like little droppers" ) Hee. Feeling "Brave just now .Must have been the "Dog food the wife give me .She was in a hurry late for "Bingo" She shouted as she ran out the door "NEW Curry .That was two hours ago I am still sitting on the toilet seat .They say a dog can run fast on four legs.ME .I am running sitting on the toilet not moving a "leg.

    I love winter!!!!!!


    are you crazy?

    Nope I hate hot weather.

    Yo Homie, winter's not that bad, I suppose it depends where you are. I think the people up north stay inside to much and get depressed. When I lived in Ohio you couldn't even see the blue sky for months. Personally I prefer a more moderate temperature where I live. I really don't like the long hot summers.

    I don't like winter! Right now it's 15 degrees and snowing! I live near Chicago so you know whats happening there! BRRR


    Here in Cleveland we see what it's doing in Chicago because 9 times out of 10 we will get the same here the next day,no matter what it's doing there,we almost always get it the next day.

    I know and the airport is having problems! I live on the other side of the lake so we usually get Chicago weather then lake effect snow! YUCK!

    ME!   I don't know how you guys in the Northern hemisphere cope it. It's nice to to visit the snow but I wouldn't want to live in it.


    Some say you get the the hang of it,not me I just wish for spring to get here,our summers are nice here in Ohio( not to hot)but they sure are short.But the winters are down right mean.I live on one of the Great lakes and when that wind gets to blowing in the winter it can take you off your feet.


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