I just went to the store. My total was $10.25 and that is what I gave the clerk. He handed me $5.00 and said thank you. What would you do?

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    One simple question eh? Who,d believe this,HO HUM!

    Don't forget there are two pages of answers.

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    Tell him he made a mistake and give it back.  His till has to balance at the end of the day... If this happens a few times he could be in trouble and loose his job.

    If you give it back he probably will take better care with counting change back.

    "Here, I gave you the correct change."    Easy...wouldn't think twice!

    Julie, I would have done exactly what I believe you did, give it back.

    Personally I would have told him/her they,d made a mistake, could,ve came out of their pay packet.

    I would have done the right thing , tell him of his error and hand him back the 5 dollars,you reap what you sow,$5 or $5000 it's all the same.

    Honesty is the best.  I have been thanked profusely, for being honest in certain situations.  That, in itself, is rewarding.  I wonder why it seems so odd to hand the money back or turn in a wallet or a cell phone or a camera?  I have found all of those items left behind and didn't consider keeping them. They're not mine...period!


    I like that it never even crossed your mind for an instant to consider keeping those items. Says volumes.

    As a young kid/teenager, had I ever arrived home with something stolen, my parents would have been horrified! That's how we were raised.

    I would do the right thing-give it back.

    I would give him the $5.00 back. If I didn't, my concienes would bother me.And he might get in trouble if the register comes up short.  How do you spell conciense ?



    I know what you

    Yep I would give it back and tell him he made a mistake.

    Give it back.. keep him in a job, and dont make him pay out of pocket for a simple mistake.

    "I think you have made a mistake" or as bus driver when I've given too much change out I say "excuse me,I've given you too much change". Never had a problem.

    Tell him he made a mistake and hand it back. I see these things as spiritual tests. If I fail, I earn bad karma. I earn good karma if I give it back because that is the right thing to do. 


    I see things that way, as well. Karma.

    Hand the cash back to the cashier and say I'd paid with the exact amount.  figtree3 has a good answer! :D

    Give it back, it could mean his job. He made a mistake, easy to do, when,  often that kind of job involves multitasking, and he might have been young and inexperienced.  Wouldn't you appreciate someone doing that for you??  I know I would, and actually have!  This  happened to me, years ago. And I suppose I was drawing on my own experience, but I was distracted mentally with the phone ringing, a co-worker asking me a question, another customer rudely trying to get my attention and another customer waiting for me to free up so they could fill out a credit application, and I had to go pee!  We're only human, and we have to treat each other as such!

     Money Give it back every time!


    I was standing in a shop only 3 weeks ago and I saw a lady drop a $10 note,she went to pick it up and I said thanks I just dropped that.

    I am joking for goodness sake, ooh we are touchy to-day.

    No, she went to walk away and I picked the note up ( and ran away) and said to her "Would like to go me halves in this/" she said "No" so I said "Oh in that case you had better have the lot because you just dropped it".

    Sh had no idea she had dropped it and was appreciative of my honesty.

    I would give it back. This happens to me all of the time. Give it back and the balance will be reset, otherwise you'll feel out of sorts about it. By asking the question you clearly feel the balance is off.  Not that I wish to start a religious diatribe but my religion does not have a - talk to your god and he will forgive you policy. We die with every sin we commit and are weighed in the balance. Makes you think long and hard before you wish to commit a sin.


    Your not save by good works but by the Grace of GOD.

    facebook, I'm not asking or seeking to be saved and I'm just fine in my relationship with my deities, although I'm touched by your sweet concerns. Thanks!

    I agree with the general consensus, this has happened to me several times and I don't hesitate,to give the money back, nor do I if I am short changed, which has also happened several times


    I agree. I think that these things happen on a regular basis...too bad that honesty has become something "wonderful". It should just be the norm.

    What if the amount were $500 or $5000 or $50000 in YOUR favor?  Would the answer still be the same?  Keep the thread going so we see who says what.



    Yes, emphatically. Even if I were broke. Actually I was broke on one of the occasions that I found a purse with money. I saw it as a moral test then, would see it the same even today.

    That's what kept going through my mind, "test". I gave back the money........

    Thanks, colleen and jhharlan. I truly appreciate your honesty, especially Colleen's courage when you're down and out or flat broke....If I could, let me push one more button: what if you're in Sudan with 4 starving children and you knew that $5 would feed your dying children for 3 days? Dilemma: take the money so your kids could live a few more days, or give it back? I know, I know, not the best question but hey, this is a global forum. Thanks!

    I'd still give it back. If my kids were that bad off that they were starving and dying, they would need a hospital more than food since their stomachs would probably not be able to handle food at that point. Besides, only 3 days worth of food would not save their lives.

    Thank you, Colleen. I would choose to save my children any day, if confronted with the same situation. I probably would or could do a lot more to ensure their survivability.

    I would not have them in that position in the first place. ;)

    I would have little choice if I were living in Sudan with my 4 starving children. It's a lot easier for me to be moral when I have everything I need in this country.

    OK Chia, you and I would do things differently. I understand life differently than you do. I'm not a cold, unfeeling person. I just understand life differently. You asked I answered. I'm done. :)
    You can wait for others to step up and be honest now. Wonder where they are............

    Yes. The same answer. Give it back.

    4 starving children in Sudan, I would not think twice in such a desperate situation, this is about survival not being polite and honest.I would take the money and provide for my family, and pray for understanding.I would also try to help others with the money.

    Always best to be honest, I would give it back.

    go back asap they have to tally their tills up after every shift, also be careful and watch they don't cover the total screens up, many shops do, it's a trick, sometimes they give you two receipts to confuse you, (old trick i've got caught. (in the uk they ask do you want cash back with your shop and they pretend to forget to give you the money, i don't think you cvan do anything now but this is just a few cons out there especially the coin and note switch. hope this helps Lee from South Wales (celt) UK. (if they undercharged you) (if they've over charged you then think of my above answer.)

    All of you are entitled to get an A for your answers.  Let's move on to another question.  This question has brought the worst out of some of us.  Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.


    :)Jeez Louise and Cupcakes already!

    laugh! Then give it back..though once the cashier refused to take it.  I tried.

    Julie, you should have given the money back right a way but it's better nevert than later. This is what every/any honest member of a civil society should do regardles of  his/her religion or no religion.


    I didn't realized the mistake until I got home, I went right back though and we both laughed about it....

    You knew what was the right thing to do as soon as you realised what happened and I am not surprised. Nevertheless you posted this rhetorical Q and look what happened...

    I have my true personal story that involved a much larger sum of money but I will at this point keep it to myself.

    Is this a hypothetical Q or it just happened to you?


    It really happened to me....

    Ill gained  money does not bring luck.

    At the present moment, I just might say "Your welcome." But these days I don't think that I could take it, I would definitely have a good time with them,ie.."If you want to give me $5.00, I think that it should come out of your own pocket!"


    Not really nice to make fun of him.

    Where I shop, it's fitting. I let him have it with both barrels and we both laughed........

    Well good that he could take it. I've seen cashiers cry from making a mistake.

    He can take it, his name is Hypo.

    Wrong context when you are directing someone concerning a real live person.

    I answered the question, "What would I do?"
    There is no con in my text.

    Hypo..wrong context for what you wanted to use the word for.

    i would give it back.

    To keep the money would be no different to putting your hand in the till when they were not looking. Theft

    Give it back-its not yours. You will feel good when the clerk thanks you.

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