what is friendship?

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    No use me adding my two bobs worth, all the answes below are fantastic, T.U.s to you all.

    BM is right...:)

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    Friendship is a feeling of comfort and emotional safety with a person. It is when you do not have to weigh your thoughts and measure words. It is when someone knows you better than yourself and assures to be by your side in every emotional crisis.

    Friendship is a relationship with someone who loves you in spite of yourself.  A friend is someone who has broad shoulders to lean on, ears that listen and a mouth that doesn't repeat what those ears hear.   A friend  passes no judgment upon you. A friend can speak his/her mind without "walking on eggshells" for fear of hurting your feelings, because a friend would never do that in the first place.  A friend is someone you can trust to always tell you the truth. 


    Well answered Bob I gave you a thumbs up and wish I could give you more.
    A friend is all you said/typed and what I like about true friends is you may not see them for ages but when you do no time appears to have passed.
    True friedship is the greatest gift one person can give another.

    thank you PEOPLELOVER, I appreciate your comment!

    Bob/PKB! I'll like too be your friend any time or place if I could? I love the way you speak very intelligent,way ahead of my time,L[*~*]U

    Friendship is beeing able to accept each other as you are, beeing able to tell your deepest secrets to and beeing there  for each other in bad times, not just in good times.

    Love, trust, affection, accepting being there for each other and compatibility.

    Friendships are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

     Best Friends friendship is been able to say I am sorry and truly mean it


    Friendship is you not being my enemy.

    The emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.
    A relationship between friends.
    amity - fellowship - companionship - comradeship
    More info »Wikipedia - - - Merriam-Webster

    True friendship is a very rare commodity/relationship based on mutual trust, affection and esteem.

    friendship is an interpersonal relationship between two people that is long term .It can be based on emotion,love liking

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