what do dreams mean?! do they mean the opposite?!

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    Dreams only mean you are dreaming. They may peak into your physic but that's it..

    I think dreams mean a good night sleep as well as the brains way of releasing your inabitions , sigmund freud said your dreams are your fantasies.i beg to differ nobody fantasieses about falling off a cliff.

    dream the place where i get whatever i want.i do whatever i like.dream full of every good thing.................i don''t take that as a opposite

    Dreams are dreams. You have no control over night dreams and no, they do not mean the opposite. Day dreams on the other hand, you decide what they are and you pursue them

    Dreaming is the mind's way of processing the information... searching for answers... understanding what you have experienced and what you are about to experience.  When I am very stressed I have the most horrible dreams, like horror movies... the very opposite does not happen the next day.

    I do have three dream interpretaion book and none of them agree with each other.  How curious is that?



     I think some dreams mean something. like wild ferocious animals coming after you in a dream means someone in real life is threatening you or back stabbing you.It is your subconcious mind taking over.


    Dont you hate it when your dreaming really hard , you want to wake up , and cant. Then when you do wake up your exhausted

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