why does america tolerate police brutality?

    Why does America tolerate police brutality?

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    Here we kick some a** form time to time. Be a law abiding citizen and you'll have no problem with the police. In Syria they put a bullet in your head. As does Iran, Iraq, and the rest of that corner of the planet. Don't know were your from, maybe you should see how your cops are handling your criminals.


    WELL SAID. ;)

    I can see that a lot of you are in denial of the history of brutality in this country and that is part of the indicator of complacency...

    Just watched some bank robbing punk get his head cracked open by the cops on the 6 o'clock news. Great stuff. Wife made pop corn too!
    ed shank

    If 0.001% of the cops are acting irresponsibly you can't make a generalized assumption that all cops are bullies. What the police have to deal with on a daily basis, it's no wonder that some snap. They deal with every negative side of society. I give them credit, I couldn't do their job. Bad cops make headlines. Good cops do not.

    Because LAW ABIDING Americans get a kick out of watching low life LAW BREAKERS getting their azzes whooped on TV after putting in a long day AT WORK.



    answered like a true ignorant racist.

    Hmmmm, funny, I don't see any racist remarks in my answer. Oh, I get it, you must be tuning up for the election this fall.

    @Chief2000 "Low life law breaker"? How is that racist? Are you (or a friend or a relative) a "low life law breaker" by any chance?

    I don't think  that we do.

    Maybe the world and the police are fed up with the low lifes that they have to deal with on a daily basis that are the do nothings, the thieves and liars and con artist then when caught they want to scream their bloody head off police brutality. Give me a break....

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