Why don't the good muslims do something/anything about the bad ones and about bringing Islam up to date ?

    Is it their shortsightedness, selfishness, and fear?

    Excerpts from a The Economist December editorial... Islam is the only religion that has often mandated death for people leaving the faith - APOSTASY. In Nigeria scores of Critians have died in Islamist bomb attacks, targeting Christian prayers. In Iran and Pakistan Christians are on death row for APOSTASY...


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    Because the good Muslims like their HEADS attached.

    Tell me, when is the last time you approached a KKK member and tried to get them to see the light?

    These people saying they are muslim- but not acting that way at all are "hiding" behind a religion just as the KKK "hides" behind Christianity.

    They are mean and evil but a fringe group who hides and plans in secret.


    Good point.


    KKK is not around anymore exactly because the rest of the americans did something about them.

    They are around but they rarely demonstrate

    Oh no...the KKK is still here. They just do not have the power they once had when the union ruled the land. But they are there. They just do everything in the backwoods now, not in public.

    It is their government and culture.. It is not the religion. Any religion can be perverted into hate.... 

    Why don't you tell the good Americans to tell the bad Americans (like Nike Shoes) not to pay Southeast Asian youths $3 per day to make shoes?   16 hours per day.


    Could you be more specific: which part of Southeast Asia and what is your source of this $3/day information and last but not least is this your answer to my question?

    Indonesia and China. I beg your pardon: it's $1.75 a day. ValR, if this were to happen to our family, you and I would be so pissed off right now. It's someone else's problem, not ours. I promise I will look for the assistant coach that snitched on NIKE about 10 years ago. He refused to wear the mandatory "nike" uniform because of exploitation. He was fired by the team. Read this first and I'll be back to you with more.


    Regurgitated worthless old garbage…

    Employers all over the world will pay their employees whatever the (in this case local labor) market will bare. Read on please…
    The Moors (from Mauritania) pay Mali workers in Taoudemi surface salt mines two dollars a month to dig out fifty cents 30 pound blocks of salt which they (the Moors) pack onto camels caravans and after traveling up to two months through the Sahara desert sell these blocks of salt for three dollars.

    Same old defense. That makes everything alright for you to exploit. When the table is turned around, God forbid. What a crock. Your answer has absolutely no value, nor does it have any heart. Go ahead and order your "Code Red" and continue bullying the weak. What a friggin' shame. Of all the answers you've given, this has to be the most insensitive one. I hope you are not just living under a goodie goodie facade. The Golden Rule only applies to you and not the rest of the world? Where is the spirit of the founding fathers of this country?

    Grow up.

    If my question bothers you, you don't have to answer it with your own question that has nothing to do with my question.
    Why don't you post it as a new question of yours?
    PS I grew up in a place were exploitation was real and worse than the one that bothers you. It is you that may need to wake up and stop dreaming your marxist dreams...

    I take offense to your Marxist comment about me. You have only succeeded in antagonizing a lot of people here at akaQA, ValR. You are nothing but a termite, or at best, an irritating pimple. What arrogance. Henceforth, don't bother to respond to any, and I mean ANY, of my comments. You are one educated woman who has NO class. What a f*cking B*tch!

    PS: You can show this to Colleen, I am sure she'll see what a stupid a**hole you are for making such a statement about me.


    It's their country and their religion and their politics and Islam is their secular religion and no other religion should be there according to their law. It is the Christian's choice to risk practicing their religion in these countries. It took thousands of years and millions of lives to end the Christian Crusades. Why should the good Muslims would risk their lives trying to stand up for people who perhaps should not be practicing Christianity in a country of only one religion? 


    It's their country shouldn't apply people should be free to practice any religion that they choose in any country that they choose to live in . Otherwise all the people practising Islam in our Christian country shouldn't be according to your answer . If the Muslims expect to leave their homelands and practice their religion in their adopted countries then they should expect people to practice religions in ther country other than Islam. The Christian people in our country which is a Christian country are treated as second class citizens when it comes to our rights and the Muslims rights we are supposed to sit back and be walked upon by these Muslim invaders so not as to upset them everything is in their favour and if anyone speaks up then they are classed as a racist . as there is only one God I wonderwhat he thinks about all this upset and fighting which goes on in his name whatever you call him.

    Sorry dunc, that'd not even an argument. You can not just stamp your foot and say, "Well we do it, so should they!" In certain counties, there is no such thing as freedom of religion (freedom of anything for that matter). It's their law and custom. There's nothing you or I can do about it unless you agree with the war mongers that we invade, attack and force democracy onto people and call it freedom.
    You say this is a Christian country, well then it is the Christians in our country who treat American born tax paying homosexuals as second class citizens and fight to keep our rights from us in this land of the free and supposedly equal rights. I'm glad you now understand how we feel about the way you treat us.
    This country was settled by people running from religious rule, they did not come here to make a secular religion. This country is not only Christian, stop deluding yourself. Most who call themselves Christian are not even practicing Christians. Others are radical Christians who think the non radical Christians are followers of the devil. I know, I've fought with one in e-mail for 4 days now. Then there are those who say they are just to fit in or to try and keep from being preached at by a sheep herder. There is no accurate count for real Christians as the number is inflated by false Christians. It does not matter the religions of the settlers as the religion they brought is the same they were running from. The history books are not accurate in depicting the truth of the religion in early America. There are not as many real Christians as you all want to claim and certainly not all good ones. But it's always a given the a Christian will stand up and claim the USA as a Christian nation and try to make it the religion of the land and no other religion can be here and build their churches or have their rights observed because THIS IS A CHRISTIAN LAND! That's what I see in your words and your attack on the Muslims already here. What I see is the same thinking your are attacking the Muslims for. Same, same. You are no different than they are. You want them to not practice their religion here, just the same as the Muslims do not want Christianity in their country.

    I think God does not care to see the religious squabbling but he stays out of it because he backs no religion. God has watched mankind since he created it. Do you really think your complaints are how he feels?

    Well do you agree with this what is missing in the world is the tolerance of people to allow others to live their lives as they please without interference and without the derision of others be it about religion or lifestyle or sexuality

    Yes I do agree, I agree to the point of being tolerant enough to allow another country it's religious beliefs that they have only one God and one belief. All others are not welcome. That is their right. I will be tolerant and allow them that right and not believe that others should step into their business and try to change them.

    I have only seen a couple documentaries on the christian mission issue. But I have talked with many and it would seem mission work is not favored. World wide, in a lump sumup, the issue is not very popular to say the least. Personally I do not believe, as the bible states opposite, that spreading the 'word' is a Christian imperative.

    caddam, I know what the Bible states. But are you prepared to die at the hands of someone else who opposes that idea? When you tell someone else that thier religion is "wrong" then you have overstepped your boundries and in essence have declared war, or at least that how others could preceive it. Why do you think that religion words thier dogmas with words like "warfare"? It draws a line in the sand. Is that how we wish to live? Not for me thank you.

    It continues today, they just don't kill anymore.

    I agree with Caddam. 

    I like what Chiangmai said.

    JH is on the button..... I think you understand where I am coming from...and Jenn and Colleen and....

    I have Muslim friends and I don't know what they could possibly do about what goes on in another country. 


    It does, believe me.

    Muslim fundamentalists ARE up to date in that they don't believe  'these times' with its social and political changes should affect their religious belief.  They intend to stay firm in their belief by rejecting 'the times' as an effect 

     Fundamental Amish have a similar belief relative to the 'times' affecting their religion.  Actually most religions with centurys old philosophy is like that.  For Christians the New Testament Bible rules life, and its 2000 years or so old.

    By the way, the good Muslims are scared as hell of the fundamendalist reaction if they would attempt to make  them change. 

    Why didn't "good Christians" do anything about Jim Jones?


    Because when people were "getting to members of his church and they had doubts he moved to the interior of Ghana. What is sad is some adult members left but they were forced to leave their children behind...and before the Govt. could intercede their "new" parents had them drink the cool-aid. Only a few escaped into the woods. Apparently they were in a very remote place far away from anyone- so getting local help from the Ghana Police was, aparently, impossible. Plus, these people REALLY believed what Jones was preaching. NUTS- but a good example of people buying into his crap.

    Doolittle,Jim Jones was in Guyana, not Ghana, but otherwise I agree with you.

    thanks for the correction nondeplume! I can still see the aftermath pictures of all of the bodies...It was the first Time 'Newsweek' and 'Time" magazines showed anything remotely like that.

    My guess would be fear, brute force, and a feeling of helplessness or inability to create change  keeps those "other" Muslims quiet.  Often, as long as "it's not hurting me", people let things remain status quo.   Muslims are not contained to a particular country or region....they are worldwide. Their numbers are growing, as is their influence and strength...and I'm not talking about  just the "good ones", either.  

    For the same reason for which "better red than dead" attitude allowed communism to take over too much of the world for too long time. Luckily "give me liberty or give me death" attitude in places like Hungary, Poland, Checkhoslovakia terminated it in most of the places.

    More blood has been shed in the name of religion than any war between countries. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake because she was convicted of Apostasy by the Christians, then centuries later she was declared a saint by the same Christians. The church of her time would never have allowed that. If Christians, or anyone else, in Joan's time tried to help her or tell her accusers that they were wrong in what they were doing, they would befall to the same fate as she. Religion developes over time and changes occur, it depends whom is in charge at different moments in time. Peace on earth has been a difficult ideal to achieve as long as people are narrowminded into thinking that thier way is the only way. The sixth generation of mankind started being born about 25 years ago. The world is starting to change slowly and sometime in the future (not in my lifetime) that generation will bring about a more positive change toward mankind and for mankind. To that I say Welcome and Bright Blessings for the new generation of children.


    Are suggestion we need to waith for another 600 years for Islam to stop the practice of Apostasy and Jihad wars?

    valR, no I'm not suggesting anything of the sort. Only seems that if we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat history. WE need to recognize - learn - and change our history if humanity is to survive.

    My though on this subject of religion whether Muslin or Christian, Judaism,seem to be in relevant, lest you practice what you preach! that is if you have an evil hearth than it more likely they will  try to destroy someone else belief. When I'd study these religions, there were no teaching on harming your fellow men, On another note, Don't do too other what you'd wouldn't want other do too you!!

    Good muslims, christians and good people generally SHOULD continue being good to one another in a tolerant way and let all practice their beliefs. The bad people remain bad until they come into the grips of the law which Must be bold enough to punish these elements.  It is upto the individuals to choose between living 2000 year old practices Or live according to the times.  All Religions teach good things! And by the way going to a place of worship not necessarily make good people. It is the conviction of practice that changes people not showing up only!

    Please click on the link to read about the latest "honor killing" of their own muslim family members not in the countries were they were born but in countries that adopted them...


    Again, this speaks of a fragmented group of the religion. Not all followers believe in the honor killings. It's becoming apparent you have a personal agenda to attack a religion you do not agree with, something this forum does not allow. I suggest you let it rest now.

    Just no answer to that question

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