URGENT: Hi, I live in downtown toronto, Canada. My dog's paw was injured because my condo's door had slammed shut. I want to sue the management for their lack of sufficient maintenance for the condo and for my dog's injuries. Could this be done? If so, how?

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    Your lease covers the details . People with money protect themselves saying in the lease not liable for injuries up to and including death . Thats for humans ,where do you think your dog stands in that formula.professional help is required here . Iam in the US so my advice is useless . I do wish you good luck in this .      Bill

    Well what comes to mind first is who or how was the door slammed ?

    Before hiring a lawyer, have you discussed this with the management group?

    The door shuts automatically behind you and i don't think it's supposed to slam shut so fast. The door is also very heavy.

    I do not think you will get anywhere with that one they are not responsible for your ignorance in letting the door slam on your dog's paw.

    I am Canadian and I have to say that we seem to cover our asses pretty damned good as far as liabilities. Good luck with that. Maybe you should follow your dog in and be sure you hold the door like you would for a woman.Good luck with that!

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