ClevelandRick...R u ok? I haven't seen your name since you posted that you were depressed

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    i think it would be only right if we all kept him in our prayers..


    I agree !!! Having the ability to pray has saved me from the hellish times and my deepest depression.

    It's ashame most people don't realize the power of praying to the one true God.

    Daren, I think that you,Randy and Benthere pray enough to cover the rest of us for awhile.

    There's no reason at all to get preachy daren. I know you guys are chomping at the bit to start up the sermons and verse splashing again but don't. That's why there is church in the real world and Christian forums on the net. Go get it out of your system there and please start respecting other religions and beliefs here. I've been patient with the silly Christian God dropping around the forum for the past 2 months but now with you all taking turns, it's getting to be too much. No one wants to hear it anymore and your one true God is yours while others have theirs. Do not slight other's beliefs with such a callous comment.You are doing your religion no favors by being this way. I've just spent 4 days in e-mail with a person as he fights to get back in here to take on you "non real Christians" as he calls all of you. I've had to put up with abusive name calling and accusations while I keep him away from you guys. You all think I'm unfair and against you. You have no idea what I go through to protect and defend you.
    I personally wish you all would take your religion back to church or keep it to yourselves where it belongs. I'm tired of the childish ways of all you pushy Christians. Seriously tired. Get over it. Go to church more, find a religious forum, stop fighting to make akaQA one. We are a help forum, not an arena for pushing the religious agenda.


    The last time I heard from him is when he was going for a interveiw for a job I do hope he is not depressed as it is the season to be depressed


    Fish Fry thank you bearing up! oxoxo

    I saw him around today. I'm sure he'll stay in touch.


    I'm glad & I hope so. Thanks for the update.

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