What colour is your house?


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    Sneaky way of skiting about living in a "big house"
    We would still love you if you lived in a tent.

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    It concrete and brick with bars over the windows ?????



    I will send the cake...and file... you will be out in no time!

    So we have daren behind bars and fish fry in a bottle!! Fish, how can you bake a cake and send it, from in there?!

    i'm getting paroled

    I'm not sure, I'm somewhat color blind, Brown with green trim.......




    Love the flag!!!!

    Your house looks great in this colour.

    The flag is super...........

    This looks inviting! A happy house.

    If you had any more locks on the door you would die of old age getting out.
    You would be hard pressed in a fire with the smoke trying to escape.
    Like the glass work.

    Like Jenn I like the flag idea, my countries flag flies on a mast at my home.
    Headless Man

    Looks are deceiving, thats a door handle and one lock, thanks for the comments.

    Mine is very light Sage with green shutters and door... all the neighbors say it is white or grey... 

    Dont change your house from yellow.. It sounds beautiful.... 

    I want to Paint only my front door Black... What do you think about that????


    Black and dark greys are very fashionable here at the moment.

    Forboding...sorry Jenn :( (pale yellow)

    Front door should be red.Good Feng Shui.

    Brick coloured


    I used to live in a brick coloured house... older than this one.

    Brick or brick-colored?? There is a difference. Would not be opposed to a real brick house. Classy and sturdy.

    Just boring brick, nothing fancy.


    wish I had brick, never have to paint it!

    Main house is yellow with dark brown trim (the wife). I hate the colors now.


    I know, Ed, over time is grows tiresome!

    A dull brown with duller, darker brown trim.  I rent..........


    How dull... bandaid colour? What about the other houses... There are entire beige neighbourhoods around here. Brown is oomphy in these neighbourhoods!

    Band Aid is a perfect description. The other houses are owned and look it. I do have a bed of elephant ears in front and they help a little. Do you spell color "colour" because you're Canadian? It doesn't even pass my spell check......

    jharlan but your not Dull we think you are Bright

    colour is the British way to spell it and here in Canada if you grew up when I did.

    we spell color, colour too, but my spell check is American

    mine is sand coloured bricks with light oak door and window frames

    White with hunter green shutters.


    Sounds attractive.

    michmar118, Thank You! Very standard New England look. When all the gardens are in bloom the house looks very English with all the different colours.

    My house is a light cream coloured brick with heritage dark green & dark red trim.Just about due for repainting.Anyone interested in the job??? LOL


    having mine done as we speak

    No thanks Tom, I hired someone to work with me, he did the high stuff, as I had a ladder accident years ago and do not go up high. If it is low, send me a plane tic and I will do for free!

    We may be able to work out a deal here Ray.I have no fear of heights,only a fear of painting.(Chuckle).My house is high tho & unfortunately all the parts that need painting are "up there".

    WHY you buying it ? The Wife did not inform me I am half owner .She said but I own "You".

    My house is based "loosely" on federation colors, yellow, with green trim and a sort of dark brick on some of the surrounding woodwork, I doubt it would suit the suburbs but looks O.K in the country

    Light brick with driftwood corrugated iron roof and beige guttering. Lowset IE: one story for other countries people.

    (not "BIG" like some people I could mention) and certainly not yellow.

     Sorry Fishy I can be a real wanker sometimes. x() X()


    ...Big House...Gigantic! I could fit four families in this house!... :D
    It needs a lot of work... yay!

    Would the other families need to be able to swim?
    I just realised your big house is a glass pond, yellow colour has me worried.
    Did you warn you children about using the toilet before going in side your "house"

    Light blue with black shutters,...would LOVE to change it up!!  But  $$$.

    my house is white with a red roof, I love it


    That is such a beautiful look! Is the roof made of metal?

    thank you, and no. the roof is made out of bricks

    tis made of red bricks lol


    As long as there are no bars on the windows... if there are... let me know... a cake will be on it's way.

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