how to breast feed a new born baby

    how  to keep breast milk  flowing


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    It is frustrating, I know from experience. (I finally called the "La Leche League" to find out how long it took before it's considered child abuse?) Patients and time. Try one of those artificial nipples that are made though they will cut down on your milk production. Keep giving breast feeding a try and your mild supply should be ample.....

    The milk continues to flow as the baby feeds for most mothers... go to the link above.  You may be able to find a group leader in your area to answer your questions.


    Meka - drink lots of fluids - fluids is the answer.and with baby sucking - even someone years ago could produce milk from a suckling infant - call wet nurses - at Great Ormond Street babies natururally sought out your breast be it lactating or not. Get help with this - if it is a worry for you and bear in mind it is just the first two months that are important - to give the baby the immunity you have - but this is not the end of the world - get help though to help you with this. This idea breast is best - yes but it looses it's best after two months or so in fact not enough nutrition. Good luck with this.


    Please may I add - do not feel anyway inadequate if you cannot manage it, your baby will be just fine and just love the bottle of milk you are offering.

    Guys, please do NOT volunteer to demonstrate.  Thank you.


    My baby is 21...I wish I were still nursing as it really takes the weight off..........

    Oh dear.

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