Are you Pro-life or Pro-Choice?

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    Personally i choose pro life.

    Pro life.. my mother as well !!


    Pro life.


    This has been asked many times already and my answer still stands, I'm pro-choice but, the decision should never have to be made.............

    I think it schould be ones personal choiice.

    After seeing how my Mother died it would be Pro -Choice I would never let any Animal suffer the way she sufferd its barbarick

    I have strong feelings BOTH ways.

    This question does not even matter, it's personal choice. 

    Pro privacy

    Pro freedom of choice

    Pro taking this debate out of political debate and politics

    Pro closing this subject in akaqa ASAP

    ed shank

    Most of us have answered this question many times over. We get new people who look in on the site and may not have seen the question before. It appears that many here have an opinion and SHOULD be able to express it even though SOME may not agree.

    I like the pro closing the subject on akaQA... that is Pro Good Idea.
    Ed, this is a touchy subject and filled with all sorts of emotions and experiences connected.... just look at Umbriel's response... We don't touch it because... Why?
    valR is correct... or we fight again for days.

    Too right Fish Fry.

    valR - yes Pro closing suject too.

    Pro-life there are alternatives have the baby and place them up for adoption or raise them you're self

    pro life

    Dualism imposes the harsh thoughtlessness and brutal arbitration of existentialism in tyrannical form, comparable to the inquisition, upon all who would maliciously see the denial of the rights of choice in others as the will of god. The profound mischief of denying free will unto others carries the penalty of enslaved servitude.


    Now not sure what you are saying.

    In this issue everyone looses…remember our differences kindly, remembering that personal choice is not a bargaining chip unless you would choose slavery over any other choice. Our differences calls for a solution that does not involve loss of freedom or life. One answer answers this question with utter finality. If a pregnant woman chooses not to cary her fetus to conclusion then the male parent should do so, or another family member, or volunteer or court appointed surrogate; perhaps a volunteer for early prison release.

    and now I am not at all sure I understand you cannot follow your drift - seems somewhat complex.

    womans choice.  I will say i'm adopted.

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