Who taught you how to drive?

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    First;driver's training in school. Then my Dad taught me the stick shift so that I could buy his 78 Datsun pickup.
    He's not a patient man, so I tried to learn as fast as I could.
    5 speed transmissions are very forgiving!

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    A mate of a older brother of mine.

    It was 1949 and he had a 1927 Whippet utility, manual crash box of course nothing else around in those days.

    I got my first car at the same time so switched to learning in that, a 1930 Morris Isis Roadster. Hand signals no indicators anywhere.

    Got my license first time tested. Number New South Wales B 54860 car rego plates TW 347.


    My ex-husband.  His dad owned a used car lot and we drove a different car each week and he always made me drive... I can drive anything..............

    Driving school


    I also went to driving school. It was 2 years after my permit that I could finally get an auto, so I had to re-qualify.

    figtree3 thats auful having to re-qualify xxx

    The police when I stole my first car. I did observe the rules of the road though.


    We just wanted to fit in didn't we?
    ed shank

    Sure did. They fitted me up in a jailbird suit.

    Well if you observed the rules of the road I am certainly curious how that the police caught ya Ed? LOL

    IS your name really Sean???? LOL

    Driving school.


    How did you do IT? With "Ducks feet.Did you paddle Because you could not reach the peddles lol

    Flapped my wings!

    Myself and a 10 acre field if you see me coming better hide and stay off the sidewalks.


    Yeah !! Field rage. Crop circles?

    Nope but field rage might be a good suggestion for today might give that one some thought but no crop circles.....

    My Aunt,  in 1976, What a wild ride.  Learned on the family Chevy Impala.  Wish now, that I had an Impala......., strong, powerful car!     At the same time, using  Uncle  Elmer's  standard  truck,   I learned to  use a stick shift.  Grateful now,  can drive about anything!!   :-}

    My ex-husband


    i taught myself.......sneeking away with my parents car in the middle of the nite......i even put gas in for them!


    So, you're not a dumb criminal.

    Really?? Didn't they wonder, wonderer, how you suddenly knew how to drive one day? :->

    Domino's Pizza, that's probably why I had sooooooooooo, many tickets. I had over twenty unpaid tickets when I was 19. I started working for them when I was 17, that's when delivery was 30 minutes or the pizza was free.

    driver education class.My dad helped also.

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