Is it bad to watch t.v all day

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    It would be far more interesting to mix up your day a little with hobbies and activities ... taking a class or two.  Much healthier and much more stimulating... Why spend your days watching what other people are doing with their lives... Live yours.

    All day ? Yes it would be bad,  not only bad, but unhealthy .Someone that is prepared to sit in front of a t.v allday/everyday would be lazy, unfit and possibly overweight.There is more to life than sitting in front of a t.v.

    Yes it is bad to watch TV all day!  Why?  It is an indicator of the do not have a do not attend do not clean the do not do not have a do not do volunteer work...Now unless a person is seriously disabled (and some are and have no choice) then you have no excuse for doing that, day in and day out!  Are you?

    No, if you're watching to learn English.  Otherwise, why would you want to do that?

    Hard to say lots of us her sit in front of computer all day.. i see little differance..


    I think you must all ready watch too much TV.

    With the quality of the programs today, l cannot think why anybody would want to

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