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    All kidding aside, have you designated yourself as an organ donor?  Do you know anyone who has donated or received organs?  What is your opinion of this practice?
    (I am designated as an organ donor on my driver's license and also registered with the bone marrow transplant registry)

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    I am also an organ donor, I have a friend that donated his daughters organs, she had been in an horrendous car accident that left her "brain dead" , I have no doubt the decision was heartbreaking as for all goods and purposes the eight year old was still breathing and her heart pumping (tho it be assisted) he said his farewell and her organs were harvested for donation, she helped one person for every year of her life

    Any organ they choose to have except my eyeballs.  I have a thing about my eyeballs.


    You are just so funny - At the very same hospital as above over 30years ago we would open the freezer and there would be bags of eyes in there! for eye surgery.

    I feel the same about the eyes! xx

    Don't they sell bags of eyeballs in craft stores? Oh, maybe those aren't real.

    Yes the scientific community wants my brain, just to see what makes me tick, it increadible the offers i'm getting


    I've no doubt about that whatsoever. :D

    Are you sure it's scientists calling you and not just crank calls? haha

    I have designated any part of my body that would be of use to help someone when I,m gone, not going to be any use to me, whether there will be any of use is debatable...KOTF.

    they can have the lot except my eyes (i am like fishy here) something abot the eyes anyway I am short sighted


    But a blind person would LOVE to be short sighted. :(

    Ducka I know but thats the way I feel sorry :(

    I've been short-sighted (near-sighted) since I was 10. Anyone sitting across the table from me was blurry, it was that bad. As we age. we become far-sighted! If I live to be 125, my vision should correct itself to 20/20!

    Yes I am an organ donor although me agreeing to it means nothing when I know my hubby will not allow it. 


    Is there any way to overrule him, like a document that can be carried with your driver's license (or whatever is used for this purpose where you reside)? The document could be notarized. ????

    No, there is not.... But he is the one that will have to live with his loss.... I want him to do what he needs to to ease his grief.. I understand his sentiment.

    It's a hard choice, for sure. I hope he never has to make the decision.

    Having a autoimmune disease like M.S I really doubt they could use them


    Something for research maybe? You never know.

    Yes they could for research. Students would learn from your body as well.

    Definitely agree with ROMOS and dopey, you could provide a wealth of knowledge that could promote a cure!

    You have just reminded me I should check this out - I have registered my kidneys but like ROMOS - they can have anything they like whether it would be of use is debatable but can be used for research if not definitely bone marrow. This is a very big subject and there are so many views from people regarding donation, also fear, some people find it spooky, others may find it not acceptable on ethical or reglious grounds. Some work was done into those who received heart transplants and how it changed their life even to the extent of taking some of the talents of the donor which they did not have before.  Years ago when I did anaesthetics in a big hospital with only two theatres at that time - my friend in one and her Mother in the other - Mother donating her kidney to her. Also a Jewish man had a heart transplant from a pig. So much more to this.


    A freezer full of eyeballs! Oh my goodness! I can't imagine all those eyeballs staring out of the freezer at me... I would feel so self concious!

    You are just too much. I feel like that when someone presents me a with fish meal - eyes intact and looking at me!

    I ask in a restaurant if I know that it will be served whole..."Please remove the head"...yuk!

    The creepy-est of creepy are the fish who's eyes move from one side of the head to the other ... such as flounder and sole... oooeeeekkkk!

    On your plate?????? Eeeeeeeekkkkk!!!

    Fish Fry such a very clever answer.

    My friend was on dialysis for a few years , finally she received a kidney and lived several more years. She has now passed. In Michigan it is harder to get organs because of wearing a helmet on motorcycle law!  She was lucky to get a kidney and we were both amazed about the helmet law. That should tell a few people something! I miss her I am a donor although the organs are getting old and well used.


    My cousin was a dialysis patient for a couple of years, too, then received a kidney transplant, which survived for about 15 years. She's been back on dialysis for 2-3 years, and is at the top of the list to receive a kidney. I'm sorry your friend has passed; sounds like you were very close.

    I am designated as an organ donor on my driver's license in case I die in a car accident.


    And your family agree I hope?


    I am in CA, but not in FL. I definitely won't need them once I'm gone and I'm trying to keep them in great shape while I'm still here...

    All kidding aside I think if my death can save a life or two that's great, as long as they don't give them my kidneys, I've had kidney stones over a dozen times they would probably piss on my grave, lol.


    My cousin would probably take that kidney, stones and all. She's been a dialysis patient (again) for about six the top of the list to receive a kidney now. 3 days of every week are dialysis and recovering from dialysis.

    Sorry to hear that, yeah I suppose a kidney full of stones would be better than dialysis. Perspective changes everything...

    Nothing here worth taking. No, I am not a donor. I want to be buried as well, not incinerated. I understand the necessity for donors and giving someone a second chance at life, and I applaud those who are willing to do so. I can not.


    And you don't have to. It's a personal decision. I appreciate your answer and your honesty (as always).

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