ever wondered who controls the seasons, the planets, life and death?

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    God who has created it all.


    Yes, God controls most things, people have control also, hence so many wars, murders, robberies etc.

    Dolly, I agree. People have free will and create theire own destiny.

    So what exactly do religious people mean by "...God willing", as in "I hope I get that job,God willing"?

    digger, it means if God wants person to get the job, they will

    I'm confused. People have free will to create their own destiny such as wars,murders,robberies etc, but when it comes to getting a job, it's up to God? Why bother applying for a job if God has already chosen his candidate?

    digger,people pray for good things in their lives, not bad.Its the Government, religion etc that cause wars. not the every day people. When we are born, I do not believe that God has set out our lives for us. As Roman Catholic, we have commands to guide us, from what is right, and wrong, it is up to the person, on how they live their lives, good or bad.

    Ok, but you haven't answered my questions.

    digger, I feel that I answered most of your questions, apart from getting a job. Its not up to God that any one gets a job, its up to person themselves. A person can pray, before an interview, for example, that they do not become nervous, and give wrong answer,to the person, who is interviewing them. That they remain calm, and give best answers ,to their ability, and hope that they will be successful I am sorry,that you feel I did not answer your other questions. Please explain, why you feel I did not answer them.

    Dollybird, I know that you said that humans can take control,but sawali is asking about the seasons,planets,the living, and the deceased.Not what humans(of course) can do.Like wars,murders,and robberies.

    Well it is a given that it is not YOU.

    Genetics , Sun Activity, moon , earth rotation,  ocean currents , People control death.


    People don't control death, they create them.You know,"murder".

    Many things control seasons I believe - along side planets, tides, disease and pestulence etc. I think nature is complex and evolves around itself - sorts itself out - all life within it so reliant on each other. Such a big subject and Nature is my favourite thing containing so many wonders.

    Used to wonder all the time, however you learn as you live.

    It's called nature sawali.


    and what nature controlled by?

    Nature is controlled by nature, isn't it?
    Or it could be simplified to weather, atmospheric pressure, gasses in the air, oxygen, you name it.

    What is your directive sawali? Are you trying to get people to say your God controls it all?

     I use to wonder , till i knew Christ now i have no doubts, how about you ?


    No, I know, it's God

    me! THE GOD

    no.But it is god.

    Which is more plausible an all powerfull  invisible entity called God or pure chance or even the flying spaghetti monster 


    I'll put my money on the FSM. See

    Hahahaha! That's a riot Nom!

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster has bigger.....

    I think the flying spaghetti monster is a unanimous winner.

    All Hail the FSM!

    Depending on your beliefs. God or nature or no one. 



    the question is 'ever WONDERED...? Have you 'wondered'?

    Well now I'm just going to torture you and NOT answer the way you demand that I should :)

    Heck I wonder about a lot of things......

    I wonder why he couldn't see that I meant people would only wonder depending on how they believe.

    wonder while you wander

    Depending on each person's individual beliefs, duh.


    I wondered, thought, asked myself and others and I still do. I hope you are happy with my answer.



    I like your answer because you are seeking.

    If you believe some supreme being does then why is he/she doing all this glabal warming, tornados, earthquakes etc.

    No ,no don`t blame mankind because if this being is all seeing all knowing all powerful why would such a thing as mankind destroy the supreme beings major work?

    Me, I have never wondered who controls the weather.

    There is a old saying.

    "Why ponder the imponderable?"


    seek and you shall find.

    I'll just go with God having created an auto pilot in his design, of which there is always someone trying to reach over and shut it off, and hop in the pilot seat. (Metaphorically speaking.)

    I have indeed  but I'll keep that answer to myself


    As I'm allowed to discover more and more, my wonder continues to grow.


    you got it. You have the freedom so keep discovering.

    What about the unpredictable weather. Life is still a mystery.

    I agree with matheneyg.  I've wondered, but will keep the answer to myself.


    so what is your next step? are you goiung to do to satisy your curiosity? or.......

    No further need for wondering. GOD is my answer!






    Hey Grit, That picture even looks like you !

    The sun gives us everything.


    Yes, sun even gives us every thing including rain !

    Who controls your immune system when you are sick or well? It’s just life and our planet is alive.

    Hmmm.Nope. But I love these questions with  religous overtones.They give me a good opportunity to have a laugh.Who do you think you are going to convert to your way of thinking? Not me mate!

    most cultures for millions of years have acknowledged that there is a God. There has to else could the universe and all that's in it--- be designed and engineered and keep it going  unless there is a God.

    A couple thousand years ago that might have been a mystery, but I think we've figured it out since then!!!

    If i say nature, then who have created the nature. 

    gravity ,light and distance from the sun......and the flying spag  monster

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