What makes for a good relationship with your spouse?

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    Got Rocks

    Trust. Respect. Devotion. Honesty. Forgiveness. Agree to disagree.

    Got Rocks, I would reccommend you rub liniment into your arm to ease the soreness of having it twisted up behind you back whilst typing your input.

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    Headless Man

    One other thing we agree on that is very important:
    I'm never wrong and she's always

    communication, love and trust......


    She's still my best friend

    Doing as I'm told

    Like it!!!Hang on a second!!Is that my other half???It is isnt it??Thought you were at work?? : )

    Being with your soul mate is the first step... the rest falls into place.


    Too much togetherness can destroy any relationship. I saw it in my parents' marriage, now it is happening in mine(ours).
    Best to have separate interests , especially when retired.

    Tolerance, tolerance and more tolerance and when you can't tolerate him/her any longer bugger off on your own for a few days, weeks, months, or years.

    Separate residences.

    All of the above. An iron fist won't hurt either. JUST KIDDING.

    love love !! well its nearly bedtime in Scotland .Are you ready dear ! Neigh got to put my make up on  .Before your ready to saddle up, "Hi ho Silver.

    As many miles or kilometers you can get, lol. Trust, Loyalty,and Honesty as well as friendship.

    Living as far apart as possible works for me.

    Going overseas alone works for me.

    Going on extended trips within Australia alone works for me.

    Her doing likewise works for both of us.

    Set your common familial goals and be sure they're achievable.  Promising your spouse the world would not necessarily be realistic, for example.  Communicate your goals to each other every now and then and evaluate them as well.  Try to beat these moderate goals and congratulate each other often regarding achievements.  Couples that have common goals tend to be together much much longer. 

    P.S. for you guys, wanting sex twice a day every day is not a realistic goal, especially at age 50.


    NO chance for me then

    Are you bragging, lewboy? Hahahaha.

    Do things with each other!! I have had several orchids myself, even built my wife a greenhouse to keep them in. She has 3 antique John Deere tractors of her own.

    Remembering that the other partner has a life of his/her own.

    They are not simply an extension of your life.

    Well things are a heck of a lot better around my home since I got rid of the louse uh spouse.

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