how old is a senior

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    Someone who is older than me.

    65 years young in Canada.

    Australia - 55.

    AARP starts sending you junkmail at 55 in the USA.. However, you can't collect SS until 66.    Denny's will give you senior prices just for the asking though.. :)  They don't question it, they already have enough lawsuits over civil rights issues.  LOL  They just assume everyone is over 65..  :)  


    We got junk mail etc when my husband turned 50 AARP must be greedy for the boomers

    It varies in the US.  To be in one of the senior bowling organizations, women must be 50 and men 55. (Does that mean women get "old" faster than men?)
    For senior discounts at the theatres I've visited, some say 60, some 62.
    The government has a number of different choices.
    Restaurants vary as well, but I seldom see anything for under 60.
    And, like Vinny says, AARP starts sending you mail by the ton at age 55.


    It probably means woman are better bowlers so they want you earlier

    It probably means woman are better bowlers so they want you earlier

    :D That MUST be it!!!

    Not sure but I will try to answer you after Feb 29th when I turn 80, might have a better idea by then.


    How can you be 80 on Feb 29? If you get one year older every birthday I imagine you are barely into your teens.

    Born 1932 on 29th February was a monday and a full moon, ahh remember it well.
    Doctor held me up and said "he looks just like you Mrs -----" the nurse coughed discretely and said "Ahem, doctor you are holding the child up sidedown"
    So in real "birthdays" I will be 20.

    When i was born the doctor slapped my mother..

    Cats are seniors after 13...dogs between 7 and 14....elephants 60ish....flies 28.5 hours....noone knows about luna moths and Great Pink sea snails (except for me & I can not reveal this information in an open forum)

    As old as People Lover! lol.


    Bugger off crow eater.

    PL, I think i might call you Dad from now on, ok.

    @doolittle.....You cannot reveal because...?    Hmmm....sounds "fishy" to me.....any connection?

    (oops..meant to comment)

    I was 21 when they called me a Senior.


    Just how wrinkly are you? :)

    Oil of Olay can truly do magical things to your skin.

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