what's your favourite perfume

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    night musk by avon. and several more. like patti labelle, theres something my daughter has from bath and body works , i just cant think of the name right now


    Night musk???Is that the one in a dark bottle thats absolutely gorgeous??Or am i thinking of moonlight something?Midnight something????HELP!!!

    yes it comes in a dark blue box and the bottle has a dark blue lid. i think its wonderful. it lasts a long time too.

    Shalimar by Guerlain


    My wife wears that, very nice...

    wow I use to wear that all the time lovely smell xxx

    Channal no 5


    i bought that 3 yrs ago; didn't like it, had to sell it to someone else.

    Pej wish I knew you were selling I would have bought it from you thanks for the comment xx

    if knew you'd wanted it, I would ship it to only needed to pay for s/h

    no probs pej thanks anywayxxx

    Lancome' Treasor Love.

    Well everyone so far has gone for "stink pretty" stuff.

    Mine is the perfume of freshly mown hay, rain on a dusty paddock, the smell of a beautifuly clean young baby. I can recall walking along carrying one of my children and lifting their head up so I could smell their hair, wonderful stuff.
    mens "stink pretty" Largerfeld and yes even good old Old Spice. They still make it, I first used Old Spice in 1959. Before that I used Sweat.


    PEOPLELOVER I know what you mean the smell of a baby wow you cant bottle that wish you could! and i love the smell of fields and woods brilliant answer xxx

    Any perfume that has a smell of musk or vanilla.

    DESIGN by Paul Sabastians

    I get a "pup tent" every time I smell that on a woman.



    I like the term "Pup Tent". New for me. Will have to see what is so special about "Design"!!!

    Elizabeth Arden Blue grass.Worth je reviens.Real classics



    Chicken? That smells good to me too...also pizza!

    very good.

    I love "Opium" and I like Musk by Cody because I can mix it with other scents.....

    Cool Water by Davidoff.


    i always want to try Cool Water for woman. Someone I know uses it and smells so de-LISH on him!

    My wife's a change from aftershave. "Why should all the woman get the looks?

    What a variety of answers!  Cachet was my favorite for a very long time. I use "Sexiest Musk Fantasy" now...not expensive but ALWAYS gets a compliment.

    Dior Poison.

    "Common Scents"

    I have to say though I have admired some perfumes on other people I personally don't like them, occasionally I might use a tiny bit of my husbands aftershave, as perfumes are a bit sickly sweet or overpowering for me, nothing keeps me out of a shop more efficiently  than incense too


    Oh yes...choking incense...ugh

    Russia Leather by Channel, unfortunatly they don't make that anymore. So now I use Knowing by Este Lauder.

    I don't have one single fragrance,  but I combine  two different fragrances of the many I have.  I get the most comments  when I combine as such. I want to be  individual/unique, and this works. But you have to have to have a good nose to make sure it works!!!

    I've have a lot of perfumes but always come back to my very first perfume: Pleasure by Estee Lauden

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