What is the truth about lying? Why do people lie?

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    Good question, thumbs up. I think the reasons are countless, but the more lies you tell the more lies you have to tell to cover up the other ones... It's best to be as honest as possible, sometimes we lie to avoid hurting someone's feelings. Some people I've met just lie automatically, it's best to keep your guard up on who you trust.

    It's a hard lesson to learn once your trust has been broken, but It's something we all go through.

    To protect themselves.

    To blend in before sh*t hits the fan?


    We sometime lie to our self and other unknowingly,I suppose we try to make a good impression,so we can feel better, only come back to hit us in the face. As they say " you reap what you sow" I try not too lie to anyone if I don't haft to. There time when it seem unavoidable in order not to hurt someone.


    Do you mean.. "These are the new pants that I just bought today. Do you like them"?

    You wouldn't say... "No they're ugly" !!!


    Probably look better with out those new pant? LOL.

    or "all my men wear Levi's or nothing at all"?

    Generally, I think lying is a defensive move, and that quite often the truth simply hurts too much to admit it. 

    Not all lies (fairy tales) are necessarily bad depending on why one would feel the necessity to tell one.  My friend has decided to grow his 37 remaining hairs longer. He asked me how his new hair looks? It looks bad. I told him, he looks 20 again. What's the harm?


    It might be because this is part of some (most) people genetical make up?


    I don't think genetics...maybe the atmosphere, growing up...some people lie about everything, even when it is seemingly unimportant. Kids see the same?

    Well even nature lies. Some snakes have markings that tell others to stay away because they are poisons but they are not etc, etc.

    I dont . The wife programmed me When we took our "Vows I said "I Do I Do .Been saying that ever since.

    “One reason a gentleman may be obilged to lie is protected the reputation of the woman. Bill Clinton has lied in order to trash them” wrote Christopher Hitchens in 1999

    Ego, simple as that.......

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