Hansel & Gretl. Jack & the Beanstalk, Snow White, CInderella, etc.  There's countless choices...what is your favorite and why?

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    Charles Perrault is credited as being the originator of the fairy tale (1628). (think I got that right)

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    No carbon tax (Julia Gillard). Sorry Bob,Aussie politics,couldn't resist.:)


    good luck with that!

    ok, I guess...

    Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.


    That one is really unique compared to most of them. Good choice, TSC! Thanks for answering.

    I dnot like Disney fairy tales.... I absolutely Love Grimm Fairy Tales.


    and some were grim.

    They were the originals, weren't they! Do you have a favorite Grimm?

    Snow White.



    Have you been telling lie again? Fish Fry!!

    I never tell lies ... I sometimes spin a yarn!

    Thanks for your straightforward answer, FF. You are going to have so much fun revisiting all those fairy tales when you read to your son. I amassed a decent video collection when my boys were young. My 21 year old has been borrowing a few at a time, enjoying them as an adult. :D

    I like all you listed, but why was there always an evil person in them?


    An antagonist or problem to overcome is an integral part of the plot! In almost every story or video of any kind, there is a bad guy and a good guy. We gotta have a hero. :D In order to live HAPPILY ever after, those characters had to live UNHAPPILY for a time so they would appreciate and recognize the happy. Yeah?

    Because they were actually allegories.

    I think I'd read them all when I was young Wizard of Oz, well if I haft too choose, my guess would haft to be Cinderella,only took 100yr. too wake up! kiss by handsome prince. WOW, couldn't get over that!! doesn't get any better.


    I think that was Snow White!

    OH!YAH READ too many got them all mix up.TK.u Clu.

    10 years or 10 minutes. The kiss from the prince...I wouldn't mind opening my eyes to that some day! Thank you (and clu) for your answers!

    Beauty and the beast  and I own a DVD of the Disney movie""


    Interesting choice. one of my favorites, too.

    I used to like a special portion of some cartoon show when I was young that was called the "Fractured Fairytales". They were hilarious!


    Rocky and Bullwinkle! :D What a hoot they were. I have a collection of the TV shows.

    Bob/PKB - Yes you're right! How could I have forgotten. They were a hoot!!!

    I used to love them too

    The brothers Grimm though they were kind of gross originally.............



    Which one of their stories do you like the best? They WERE pretty creepy stories, and I wonder if their surname really was GRIMM! :D

    Their name is where we got the term: Grim They were not so uplifting as the stories are retold...

    I remember reading about how gruesome their stories are and, when thinking about it, they were SO scary.

    Snow white and the seven dorks....

    I'm not sure if this is a Fairy Tale, i loved Gulliver's Travels.

    Never had one read to me. What I know of them, never did anything for me.


    Sorry you never had the joys of fairy tales regaled to you as a youngster. It's just what the childs mind drinks up and sometimes uses as a standard in life, sometimes good, and sometimes not so good. Not that anything can be done now to change things, just interesting to know of someone of whom fairy tales was not a part of their growing-up years. :-}

    That makes me sad...reading those stories for myself and then to my sons, and enjoying the videos with them is something I really enjoyed. My youngest (21) still watches them occasionally.

    In the times before TV fairy tales told by mom would transport our little minds into visions of fantasy.  At the time we thought they were true stories.  But the stories made magical things happen in our minds.

    By todays standards to achieve a similar magical effect you gotta either smoke, sniff or shoot up something. 

    Imagine if you will Cinderella, Snow White  (Betty's kid sister) and the 7 little guys after they smoked  a happy stick.


    I think I prefer them the way I did as a kid.:D

    When I was a child I did as a child, now I'm grown and am allowed to do dumb adult things !

    But I agree with you

    All fairy tales are my favorites. I loved to read fairy tales when I was little

    Three Billy Goats Gruff

    Three Bears

    Three Little Pigs 

    I saw Dumbo recently. Cried and cried. (Same with Bambi)  I think the grownup should preview those before kids watch them.  I LOVE  Rapunzel. In Blue Ray it is just incredible.Well, I guess I had to be an expert is some subject. My grandaughter, 3,  likes Red Riding Hood. She calls it "Ride Hoood eeoh." 


    and Snow White, and Cinderella. (Stop itsmee!)

    You are SOOOOO lucky you get to watch these great stories with your granddaughter! You will see them again through the eyes of a child!

    I enjoyed "Fairy stories as a little bloke and I enjoy them even more when I read them to my grandchildren.

      The only one I take fault with is "The H--y B---e" Just can`t get my mind to open up to those "Fairy Stories"

    Obama? sorry couldn't resist.


    UNfortunately, he is for real!

    Believe it or not, that is really hard, as fairy tales have so little to do with real life!!   I  suppose, if I had to choose, it would be "Cinderella",  as I grew up in a household with much inequality ,and I was angry about it,.....Made my own way, including some physical altercations against the "priviledged", yes a fist fight with my Aunt who challenged my work after  I did my best  all day..........Trying to draw down............

    I do not believe in Fairy Tales.


    That's cool, Darci13. I don't believe they are factual accounts, either; reading them or watching them enacted on a screen (tv/movie) is often enjoyable. That's all the question was asking.


    The Princess and the Pea


    Those two are really different than most of the other ones, aren't they! I absolutely love The Princess and the Pea! :D


    Cinderellla for my wife and Megamind for me.


    You mean your wife likes Cinderella or thinks she IS Cinderella? :D

    cindrella. loves her glass twinkling shoes



    Didn't you always picture them smooth and flawless...kinda thick, but still delicate.

    i was alwayz dazzled by its sparkling....ya its really smooth and delicate

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