can i run more than 1 antivirus protection program at a time?

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    When you download the program it will put an icon on your desktop. If the program does not have an automatic scan feature, you double click the icon to open the program. There will be a button that says "scan now" or something similar. Click on that and it will scan your computer. I do a complete scan for malware at least once every two weeks and a quick scan on the week in between. Your antivirus scan should be done more often.


    it wants me to buy stuff......(?) 

    I recommend AVG, AVAST  or  Microsoft Security Essentials for anti virus protection. These you can set up for "real time" protection.

    I recommend Malwarebytes Anti Malware  or  Super Anti Spyware for malware protection. Note, if you use the free versions, they do not automatically scan, so you need to manually do that yourself. 


    i'm computer illiterat when it comes to manualy do i manualy scan and how do i know when i'm supposed to do that?

    You should not as they will probably conflict with each other. You can however, have more than one loaded on your system as long as only one has a "real time" protection.


    i've got a free trial version for 30 days, colleen directed me to that, she thought it was a free full version, where do i get the full free version? or don't they exist anymore?

    Colleen normally directs people to AVG which is what I use. It does have a free version, but you have to be sure not to click on the paid ones. You can also check out this site which is provided by a Computer help group. Any of those listed are good but they do try to sell you the paid version (which you don't need). I will put the link on an answer so you get notification it is there.

    they may cause unforseen problems

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