If you could live only one more day, what would you do on that day?

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    Pick up a 18 pack head for church and drink my arse off..


    Sorry ed i liked your idea...

    Daren! your idea is even better.
    Hang on I'll get a few slabs.

    Pick up a twelve pack head for church and pray my a** off.

    Someone very close to me knew she was leaving and told those close to her. Nobody believed her because she didn't have anything seriously wrong (or so it seemed). She spent the evening on a very long phone call with her best friend. The next morning she rose early, got out her bible and rosary beads (which she never did), and after an hour of praying, she died. The autopsy result was a massive heart attack.

    If I knew it was my last day, I would spend it making sure my family and friends knew I loved them.

    Pick the playlist for my funeral.  I think this will be the one and only time that I get my musical way.


    Everybody dance now??? Boom, boom, boom etc.

    That would be hilarious! Can you just imagine? ... I have to do that. :)

    Add some stuff to my will and invite my kids and their families to come over for a BBQ. Write several goodbye postcards, and individual letters to my sons and grandchildren. Spend time in prayer.


    That is an odd question as I'm in the hospital now (but not dying- as far as I know.  Call all of my out of town friends anf family and thank them for being a special part of my life.  Rent a large suite at the hop, dance, sing, swim..and Pray.  Then I guess celebrate life with my family and local friends!


    doolittle sorry to hear you are in hospital hope you get better soon! oxoxoox

    Get well soon Doo... your driving to the party remember?

    I'll be at the party with you after I stay with u for a few days and explore your neck of the woods. Cool Beans! Thanks to you and mel for the kind thoughts!!

    Well it would not be spent going to work or unpacking.

    Just sit & watch my girls play & know that when I'm gone,I'm still loved.


    Nice thought Tommyh,,but they will have you for a long time yet,,

    ooooooh toooooo private !!!!


    Live Large girl friend!

    doolittle I will! oxoxoxo

    Write my own obituary.And id make sure it was bang on accurate!!


    wouldn't it be nice to sit incognito and watch your own passing?
    ed shank

    Nice things are always said after the service by the preacher, usually a stretch. He would be leaving the building looking like Pinocchio after he got done at my service.


    It would be a SUPER BOWL SUNDAY watching the GIANTS defeating the Patriots or Ravens.

    ride a horse.

    I will see you all AND the cans in the church

    I would pull into a private Island, have the best food and weather available to me, then invite all my family and friends/foes to spend the day, after all that I think I may be invigorated to live yet another day.......maybe.

    Row a small boat on a lake somwere in Surrey,

    get drunk

    ... well I'd steal a car then rob a bank and rent a helicopter and take my girls on a tour of the island and go to the hot springs cove and drink some southern comfort  yell HOORAH! and drop dead on the trail after waving bye-bye to my offspring. Too freakin' cool. 


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