What discovery has had the greatest impact on mankind and why do you think so?

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    the wheel.......

    The computer.  No explanation needed.

    ""Ed: It all started with just a rib. Now they want an arm and a leg from us!

    ed shank

    Exactly. How clever you are.

    antibiotics ,  I want to add something else, human achievement. Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft is at the edge of our solar system . NASA JPL engineers still give and receive information from the spacecrafts . Voyager 1 is approximately 17,966,116,300 km away from earth. Voyager 2 spacecraft now operates on 275 watts of power and will continue for quite a while. It takes about 18 - 24 hours for information to get back to earth and sending for the spacecraft to receive it. Just unbelievable, people designed something like this and got that far completing its mission.  It will fade into the milky way the next 25,000 years . Should intelligent life come across it , the golden record will be found as with pictures of alot of earthly things.


    Zorro - all of this - you are just too clever and there I am still thinking - heard about this only last week best invention that is and was impressed and wrote it down but where?

    Fire, look at all the good things that we can do with it...................

    ed shank

    Your not a PYRO are you?

    No sir , but lots of girls used to tell me i'm hot....

    Key word..."used to" so just relax! :)

    now i'm just "the roosta that useta"

    Twine and a fig leaf. Without shame there is no morality.

    electricity amongst other things, there are many astounding things man has invented

    Anaesthetic.......How on earth, was medical procedures/operations performed on people, before it was invented.


    Answer- very quickly and very painfully.

    great answer pythonlover.

    I also think fire. I think mankind would have frozen or starved without it.

    "Woman "man can not live without .If the big guy above made anything any better .He kept It to himself.


    You,re a bigger suck up than

    And so many other reasons.

    Romos .Thats because I have a bigger "Tongue" lol

    Dopey. Thats the only one I know lol

    3 things... 1) toothpaste

                       2) deoderant

                       3) the aswers to Is sex a sport

    And here I was gonna say sliced bread..

    I have to say once we discovered what sex was and that these extremeties were for much more than ridding the body of waste, the world began to grow.



    Burning fossil fuels because it will cause massive global impacts - mass extinction unseen since the dino's disappeared, millions of human deaths, loss of arctic and antarctic ice as well as the glaciers that supply the fresh water we use, the spread of disease and the failure of crops in traditional areas... the list goes on...

    The alphabet.  There would not be any of the things mentioned above without written communication, except for the "wheel". 


    Awwwwwww...are you saying that we're all wrong????? Why, I just can't believe that. LOL!!!!!

    Would you believe the Middle-eastern scholars were thought to be the wisest and progressive people on earth at that time? Now that written alphabet and words have been much more simplified, those people have actually lagged the world with regards to education and knowledge. Why? I guess, alphabet and words when communicated clearly in a simplified manner, gives that particular society an edge in the transfer of knowledge faster, hence making said society advance at a much faster speed.


    In the 80’s I saw a friends computer ROOM. I was certain that this creation would never get anywhere.

    A little later I was asked to edit a newsletter. I agreed. I went to pick it up and it was in DOS. No one said a word. I took the newsletter home and cried ~ Yep, I thought I’d really lost it.

    In ’93 a little girl showed me a chat room.  She was six and the first word that came up was a BAD WORD. I was horrified and thought she’d been ruined for life. (Not really. I just warned her parents. They had no idea what a chatroom was sooo dangerous)

    It’s like having a small genius on all subjects in your home or office. Now with my lap top, I can carry it around. 


    T.V. it has mad many generations of couch potatoes and will continue to do so.

    I remember in the early 60's sitting around the dinner table and my Dad asking the same question to my Grandfather. His answers amazed me. One answer was a light switch. The answer to this question when viewed thru another generation started my quest for knowledge.


    Electricity is a biggy to me. Without it, there would be no automatic pinsetters at the bowling alley and score would still be kept by hand.  :D

    This question was asked when I was at college and I answered the TV as everything came from that computors ect though I think TV has not been that educating as the Book

    fire. discovering germs were real, lights, telephone, discovering the world was round. atm's, transitor radios & antibiotics.

    Sliced bread so we can have sandwiches and indoor plumbing.


    Do you eat on the toilet Darci?

    Huh? Connection between sandwiches and plumbing please? :) lol

    Nope I do not good grief??????

    A) The ability to walk upright. Travel further faster and for longer.

    B) fire. Without fire we have nothing.

    C) the wheel. Now we could go further faster without walking.

     D) Last but not least the good old "Lord Rex" Without it we wouldn`t be.

    All  heil the Lord Of The Roos has so decreed.

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