what is the most dangerous country in the world now

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    It's hard to pinpoint one country but I would say it would be in the middle East.

    1. Iran & North Korea tie


    Syria has to be near the top  of the list.

    Iran. Just don't tell Ron Paul.

    South Africa is no picnic.

    Kim Jong un, the new leader from North Korea.  He's worse than his father.


    ed shank

    I understand that there is some legitimate mental issues in the family. Very spooky.

    that is a very very scary thought.....

    It really scares the sh*t out of me when I think of this crazy guy who has nothing to lose. Iran has oil; North Korea has nothing, hence, nothing to lose.

    Chiangmai you are so right he is the one to watch as you say he was worse than his Father xxx

    This little porker won't last long. I predict some NK insiders will eventually bump his fat azz off.

    @ TSC, I hope you're right, hopefully with some help from the CIA.

    U.S.A. I was only kidding, i would say a toss up,either IRAN or IRAQ.


    I was going to say USA, but I"m not kidding. :o

    Could be Japan from the natural disasters or Iraq for war

    Saudi Arabia is fairly bad especially for women and homosexuals. Gays are beheaded.

    Nigeria is bad with the conflict between Islamists and Christians.

    Homicide rates: Honduras 78 per 100,000, USA 4.8 per 100,000, Monaco 0 per 100,000 .


    Umbriel: The way things are rated is frustrating. For example: The most popular movie is the one that had the most people SEE it, not how much money it grossed. Maybe 1 million people saw a particular movie in 1938, at a cost of 10 cents each. Gross: $10,000. Now, in 2012, 10,000 can go to a movie and pay $10 each. Gross: $100,000,


    If imports from Bananafaria are blocked, Obama's voter base is doomed.


    Probably Iran and North Korea, both have large armies and would seem to relish a confrontation with the west.

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