how did Osama Bin Laden die?

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    Like a real cowboy With his "boots" on .Last words "BIN" waiting for this for years.

    Yes. The real question is when though. If you want to believe the story from Obama, he died last year after being killed by Navy Seals. 

    A coward. Hiding behind a woman with an arm full of pornographic DVD's. I'm sure the few normal Muslims in that corner of the world were also glad to get rid of that s***bum as well. After all he was an active player in the 911 horror which brought American boots to their doorstep. When will the planet figure out that if you kill innocent Americans we will ferret you out and eventually kill you. So far only the Germans and Japanese have.

    He was urinated to death.


    Wrong question. This applies to the immoral act of immoral men who had the audacity to call themselves US Marines and urinate on the bodies of men they killed. Animals do this when they want to mark their kill for later consuming of the body. These men acted like animals and lowered their morals to the same level they claim the Taliban exists at. I see no glory here to be spreading it around.

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