Wonder what this site would be like if the regulars stopped responding for two months?

    Also, can you imagine the miscommunication between those taking over the site? No one knows how to spell or correctly phrase a sentence. Chaos.

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    Congressman Tommy?? Has a good ring to it don't ya think? LOL
    Sorry,I put this in the wrong place.I was responding to Daren's answer.

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    Great question ed, what would happen,it would be like the blind leading the blind, without any destination. It would be like a second grade class with a substitute teacher who hasn't a clue, it makes me wonder what kind of forum would be left.

    ed shank

    Exactly. I'll bet we can run this whole country better than the current administration. Look at the money we would save our country.

    I honestly think some of us here could do a better job than congress..

    Does that include a Scotsman?

    Does it also include an Australian?

    It certainly must include THIS woman.

    How about M. Thatcher only 84 still strong willed her own boss the US.can have her the Scottish people will pay her fare."Oh .Her saying is The Lady Is Not For Turning,Move over OBAMA.

    Anarchy... we would have that boy band back.

    The week that Colleen was away because of the snow storm.


    Oh we remember them well, don't we? Videos and all while we tried to figure out, who was whom!! LOL!!!
    We can laugh now. :(

    :( is right... oh my goodness!
    country bumpkin

    That was a mess. LOL

    GRANDPA would definitely return and would also become Moderator/Priest


    LOL, that's funny and scary at the same time 0.0

    Poor old Grandpa.Whatever happened to him.Did he just give up on us?

    In a strange sort of way, I miss the guy. I don't think GRANDPA has been to anywhere outside of this continent.

    What a thought provoking question, I shudder to think.................

    Since I've been here, I don't think I could ignore the site for 2 months! I have trouble with 1 day! LOL

    IF ONLY l was important enoughand could compose a sentence the, forum would be mine,


    what would you do with it?

    If you were in charge could we have the option of our answers being in different colours? I would really enjoy that option.

    What color would you be FF?

    My guess would be fishy stinky,oops,pinky I mean....KOTF.

    Moderator nice!

    Romos you are being a poopy-woopy!

    A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. I'll presume you know what those are. There is a subject (who or what the sentence centers) and a predicate (the action, thought, or state of being of the subject). Adjectives and adverbs add description. Example:
    When lewboy learns to compose a proper sentence, he will become the king of the forum (KOTF).
    NOTE: This could cause an uproar because ROMOS is KOTF (king of the fleas).

    I'v only been on this site for two weeks or so.I find it interesting and educational.I Belive it would still be the same only others whould be asking guestions and answering them!

    ed shank

    I've been here since March, believe me there are some real winners out there. You'll see in a month or so. Good to have you here, hope you get a laugh from time to time. Oh, by the way we are your very own carry around shrink.

    New product...."Shrink-in-a-lap-top".

    Oh..not to be confused with our "shrimp"!!

    Hi, rainny49. I love this group of miscreants. I have seen some of the older posts (I've been here about six months). There is a different group answering at that time, from what I saw. They are boring in comparison to the people I enjoy here. I hope I can count myself among their lot. Welcome!

    Shrimp on a laptop!

    What i often wonder is..............What this site would be like if we didn't have Colleen responding for two months.We really have a lot to be thankful for, she deserves more recognition and praise for her tireless effort she puts into akaQA.


    Seriously... thank goodness or we would fall apart...

    It would give Colleen a rest from "Me.When Colleen goes site the will close

    If this little group I look forward to visiting with every day were to disappear, others would step up to the plate (lewboy, rainny49, and PBhoye, for example).  I think they would create a new group with a slightly different tone. Maybe they could figure out how to keep the directions from Timbuktu to the Middle of Nowhere and what time it is there when it 2 o'clock here off the forum.  They might look at some of the "old" questions and be so impressed with our exchanges (particularly the crowning of ROMOS as KOTF) that they would contact each of us personally and beg for our returns. 
    I don't plan on taking a hiatus...cutting back, but definitely staying in touch.  

    ed shank

    This site would die. We have morals, reasonable intellect, compassion, spirituality, courtesy. What I've seen blow through this site lacks any of the above. Colleen would be on Prozac in a month.

    It wouldn't be as cool without us, for sure. I looked at the dates when those I think of as "regulars" joined, and the months are February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, and now we see some new faces that show promise of becoming "regulars". There are a few "regulars" from when I signed on who aren't posting answers anymore.
    I agree, though, if "everyone" clocked off en masse, there would be a serious decline in the integrity and intelligence enjoyed now.
    As for Colleen, I hope she is giving herself some respite with pythonlover being a moderator, too. She has certainly earned an hour or two to herself!
    I learned a long time ago; everyone is replaceable. No one walks in another's shoes or takes someone's place in our hearts, but they do walk in their own and find their own place in our hearts. It's not the same, but...

    I have been here since the month Akaqa went online. I have seen many come and go.... It is sad to see ppl leave, but if it is one at a time the site continues the give good advice and answers. I do believe if all of the regulars left the questions would get terribly back logged.... Many of the new member come with a valid first question and stick around to play. It take time and dedication to research answers and cater to the needs of the questioners.

    consider it done.      welcome to the  Q and A  rainbow forum


    Ohhhh fun!

    what would WE do with it partner

    A Justin Bieber fanclub site???

    ed that's a really good question.  every dynamic creates a dynamic.  i am happy that this dynamic is taking place and would like to see where it is going.  it would probably be a different site if all the regulars got too busy to engage.  i am very busy, but i still try to remain engaged because i feel it is important for some reason.  i don't know why.  i just know that i am happy i stumbled upon this site and all you wonderful people.  i think we help others and ourselves.  no matter what goes on in my life i can asked you guys about it, or something else, and i always feel better. when i can't get on the site.  i think, "what are my friends doing and saying?"  it is a facinating thing.  i do not know the answer.  but i am happy god gave me a chance to experience this site and everybody's viewpoint about life, god, politics, this planet, kids, music, politics and everything else.  plus we help the sad and lonely young people when we can. & the old ones.

    I wonder, too. But in the  end it would fall back to where it originally was......


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