why do you think thousands of people have joined akaqa?

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    I was learning about e-commerce and the little green tab was above... I asked, "Any question or just computer questions?"  Jh (Julie) answered, "As long as the question is not stupid or offensive."  After that I asked quite a few questions that went unanswered....

    I don't particularly enjoy answering your questions because you tend to beat me up... I have a sense of humor and you think this forum has no room for that.

    This is not an invitation for an argument... You and I look at the world differently.

    ... and that's just fine.


    It's my bedtime, Fishy. The rest of the world sleeps in our hemisphere.

    Like to think we all have a sense of humour Fish fry You for one ,have me laughing a lot keep it up.

    He beats up anyone who doesn't agree with him. He must have had a very boring upbringing. His parents must have beaten him everytime he laughed.

    Fishy...I love your answers! You don't always have to agree with someone to respect their answers...though I often agree with yours!

    Personally, I asked a question, I got 6 responses, I thought," that,s quite cool " I hung around, I,m still here, I like the site, some ask 1 question get what they want and leave, go figure.


    Maybe they think that we are funny looking?

    Or just plain weird? lol KOTF.

    Did you expect to become monarch of your own kingdom simply by asking a question.

    Why did you?  There's your answer (or answers).


    because i like people and to learn from them, to understand their problems and help if i can. So now you know, ducky

    Personally, I was curious. I kept seeing a "tag" in the upper right corner of my computer that said "Ask a question".  FINALLY, curiosity got the better of me and I checked it out.  I like the variety of questions and the opportunity to say what I think, whether anyone reads what I write, agrees or disagrees. The karma points and comments create interaction, and next thing you know, you have fondness for some of the members.  I look forward to reading the new questions and answers and offering my own, saying howdy and learning a little more about my cyber-friends.
    I can't help but notice there is some animosity towards you, which I don't understand and it is none of my business. I don't have a problem with you and hope you don't have any issues with me.  It would be nice if you could straighten out the problems. The expectations here are pretty simple and clear.  It's not a perfect setup, but there's nothing to gain by inciting dissention.  GIve it some thought, please. 


    Bob great comments!!!

    what's wrong tabber? I haven't seen anything negative about you...

    I saw the button that said Questions and answers and here I still am. Thousands may have joined, but some only ask a few questions and are gone. Many that used to be "Regulars, are no longer here. So it is a constant turnover, exept for some, like me, who are still here..

    Because people here are diverse, sensitive, caring, rough and tough on the outside but sweet and considerate on the inside, and best of all, they are funny?



    that's cccuuttteee !

    What beautiful pic, wish I had it in frame, hanging on my wall.

    A good place to loiter, you can't get arrested here.


    Be careful though. I think that "they" may be watching some of!
    ed shank

    Good heavens, their banging on my door, they have handcuffs. Did you rat me out?

    Of course!

    I think thousands of people joined akaQA out of curiosity, i know i did.I came, i looked, i liked,  and decided to stay.Why do you think thousands of people joined ?

    I was looking for a song for my dads funeral... and was having a brain fart... I saw the tag and was like, this cant hurt.... I recieved great answers and so much support over the next several months...  I felt like I had become part of a community. So I stick aournd and do what i can to make others feel the way the original members made me feel.

    I dot know anyone elses story.... but, this is mine.


    that's beautiful. i understand exactly how you feel jenn.

    To ask one question and get the answer or to check it out and then left because it's not something they are interested in or to create multiple accounts to post crap under or they are kids looking for other kids to hang with or they like to help so are here helping or they are lonely and are looking for a social outlet or they are here to just complain about the way the forum runs....take your pick.  Some come and stay others use it one time to get an answer, others have lives that get busy so they do not have time to come back. Many are still around but just read and do not post. Some are here to interact with people they've gotten to know over the past 11 months. Why do you keep harping on this? 

    For every question posted here, an account had to be created for it. We have thousands of questions so we will have thousands of names. This is how it goes with a help forum like this. 


    Is that the same as my answer? LOL!!!

    No, your answer spoke of only one type of person. ;)

    Colleen why do you react so negatively always. This question is not directed to you because you are not akaqa. I am not harping on this. Wouldn't it be nice if we know what motivates people to join forums such as akaqa?

    This was not negative, it answered your question, I have been an akaQA member since one week after it began and have seen all that has gone on here and have been a target to many. I am also a moderator. I think that makes me very qualified to answer for akaQA. You continue to complain about how akaQA operates and continue to fixate on the number of "member" (the only true members are the ones who post) and why so few of those "members" post here. This is why I asked you why you keep harping on this same subject. Go answer some questions instead of always asking about akaQA and how it runs or why people are here or trying to push your no fun rule.

    Sure but it took an account to post the question.

    And don't forget lunch at Colleen's every Friday for the top 10 best Q&A.
    because it's fun; and they're probably bored and lonely, like me.

    It's good, we keep you happy...

    They know quality when they see it.


    I just saw "Ask a Question" and clicked out of curiosity.  I didn't get an answer but, I was hooked anyhow, people seem to like my answers (Like @Ole Hispster).............


    jh, and Don likes your answers

    Knowledge is great, never goes a miss. Q&A is great to keep  the mind active, and questions asked,  tests our knowledge about topics we might not even have  though about in past, well it does me. Of course, we learn from each other.


    knowledge is power

    Can get information and give some and the price is


    Headless, You changed you name, didn't you. Did you used to be Randy, or Space Ghost ?

    and if your not sure, you can phone a friend.Ha
    Headless Man

    Yes, mycatsmom, Randy,how did you know, was it my good

    how many thousands?


    Ha ... some things are larger than my imagination !!! There are 102 of us only because Umbriel has such a way about him he counts for two!
    And Tabbie-Tabber you count for four!

    because it is not complicated to join

    Push the button , got stuck here ,  now addicted  to karma.{:D

    That right "Dollybird" we learn from each other. And I wouldn't change you even if I could, Love you just the way you are. That goes for everyone else on akaQA. site.

    Count me in as one of the thousands , i'm going on a year hear and see no end in sight..

     I saw the site by accident and the rest as they say is history, or should that be hysterical?

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