What is the definition of a Drama Queen/Drama King and...are you?

    If you are one, do you think that you realize it or is it that people tell you that.  If you aren't one, do you have any in your life that you wish would just stop?

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    I have a now 'non-friend' who definitely is one.

    Yes, I wish my non-friend would just stop because she has ruined many things and hurt people in the process.

    I will be very happy when I no longer have to associate on any level with her.  The tantrums are ridiculous.


    Dont talk about me like that.. OH MY GOD.... What have I ever done to you.... There are just so many things going on in my life right now.. I just cant take you not liking me.. It is going to kill me... Kill me, I tell you... WHy does this always happen to ME.... What is wrong with me???? Am I just not worth loving?....

    Bahahahahahaha..... ME as a Drama Queen.... :)

    LOL!!!!! You have that down perfectly! It's the "poor little me" syndrome. :(

    fish,I feel like ripping my hair out with people like that,would rather sit down the backyard and stab my eyeball out with a biro, very frustrating

    Lambie,I would as well... augh!!!!

     I think ppl have their own definition of drama Queen/King.. For me it is someone who makes something that is not a real issue into a huge problem... Over reacting and acting.

    No I dont think i am a drama queen... I tend to down play everything.. even the important things.... and I try to keep the ppl who are over reactive out of my life.


    The one and only KING OF THE FLEAS,..LOL..KOTF.

    Attention seeker, and no, I,m not one, but I know plenty of people who are...KOTF.


    Romos, what is KOTF?

    Hail Hail, KOTF.

    At least you know who your King

    you don't need to be a drama queen, you know your place oh KOTF

    You,re too gracious my little Lambshank..bows and salutations to

    Hail, KOTF. I checked your profile a while ago and must say how handsome your new avatar is. Once again, your highness, I salute you. (A salute to KOTF is scratching the back of one's head, of course; it is the ultimate sign of respect in the kingdom.)

    I dont consider myself a drama queen, but I do know  people who are.

    Some one that turn the simplest of problems into a major catasrophe without really trying just for self pity..and know i'm not i learned long ago it will get you no where in life...

    Definition:  "It's all about me. ALWAYS. The world revolves around me."
    AM I A DRAMA QUEEN?  Not particularly.  Is there an award for the best drama?  If there is a dangling carrot for something like this, I'll take a nibble at it.   
    DO I KNOW ANY DK/DQ?  Yep. They are the parents of my two granddaughters. 


    Well worded.

    I do know a drama queen, if anyone has a problem hers is always bigger and more dramatic, if anything goes pear shaped it's only her that is effected, if someone wishes to talk she manages to turn the conversation back to herself and her oh so earth shattering problems, I find she's a total bore self centered and tiresome. I saw a T shirt that said "it's all about me" was tempted to get it for her. I don't think I am and prefer to relax with friends and inject some humor and at work we have enough problems without making them into a mini series,


    Your Drama Queen is a Topper. Ooooooh ... enough to drive you mad.

    They never, ever ask anything about how "YOU" are doing and never seem to remember any problem that anyone else has been involved in. You could have been in the hospital or at death's door but they have no recollection of YOUR traumatic events.

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