Did any members go to Woodstock, Monterey, Sunbury, Myponga Pop festivals etc.

    I went to Myponga in '69, an Easter week end, Black Sabbath were top billing, took them one and half hours to set up, they could hear them in the town of Myponga 3 mile away, unfortunately they were absolutely crap, booed off stage so they went home ,a quick replacement was brought in called Black Fire, would you believe a cabaret act from the states entertaining in one of the better hotels, two black guys who had a chance to do  their own thing, they were fantastic, their were endless groups playing non- stop for three days. the group who stole the show, no body had heard of them berfore was Daddy Cool ----- Sex, drugs and rock & roll.

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    Sorry, no... too young or in the wrong place. I have been to a lot of others though.

    Everyone was to stoned to drive to Upstate New York to sit in field full of cows***. Who Knew?


    I would have loved to have gone to woodstock, a bit far away at the time.

    I was at the 1st Woodstock in 1969 Upstate NY & stoned all the time I was there.

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