my cat something tells me. how to know what exactly?

    he sits quietly and meows

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    Talk back to him, questioning what it is he wants, then stand up and keep talking to him about what he wants and tell him to lead you or show you what it is. Let him know you want to help and see if he will lead you. It may sound a little off, but I've had several cats that I could talk to me that way and they understood I was trying to understand them and they led me to what they were needing, be it going outside, clean litter, food, and, yes, sometimes just some loving.


    I agree ,my cats are just the same, talk to them and they talk back or lead you to what they want.

    Thank you sunnyB, for your response. Yes, cats do respond to you if you engage them.

    Of course we know they cannot verbalize in our language as such - but it is just the way michmar118 says - there is that silent communication and they will lead the way using their noises, their looks and love and appreciate you for understanding.

    Have you feed him and given him water?

    Cats are very good at telling you exactly what they want!..You learn to read them!..(believe me we have EIGHT...and they all want different things and don`t stop until they get what they want)!!:-)...Often it is just food or attention...As long as they`re loved,fed,watered,immunised and treated to prevent flees...they usually happy!:-)...Have fun reading your cat..oh and don`t forget to play!!!LOL..good luck,Millie x

    The cat just wants to talk.  Mine does that and it doesn't take long to figure out what she wants... sometimes she just talks while I am working.  I talk back.  We get along very well.

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