any one can explain to me why the majority of akaQA use cartoon pics for teir user's pic?

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    We're all very shy.


    go on say it I am ugly .that's why I say "mirror"mirror on the wall "Who is( tell a lie now )handsome of them all.Please don't fall.

    Just a personal choice, if you wanted to do the same, you can.Or do you mean the avatar that is given to you once you become a member ?These are automatically given to new members at random.Change it if you don't like it.


    Where is mine then pythonlover lol

    I was a fish and now I am an alien shrimp (Long story) ... I didn't feel the cartoon said "me" ... it was grumpy looking.


    Well, ff, it's difficult to tell who or what you have evolved so rapidly as of shrimp? or simply a bag of burned bones?

    Oh woe is moi... le' weep... I am a boogley eyed shrimp doing shrimp-like things in a shrimp-like world ... I feel a change is needed......

    You know you're weird, right? ;)

    Weird is a good thing!

    I like the cartoon pics, adds bit of homour

    The cartoon pics are default to the program. You can add your own to replace it. 

    I've seen all of the men here in person, they are all extremely unattractive. The cartoons are saving you from a headache.

    have you been on FB and seen some of the pictures    be thankful for cartoon characters   especialy mine

    A picture speaks more than a thousand words.

    Good question!When i first came here i had a picture of my dog!!IHe just sort of vanished!(not my actual dog,hes cuddled up on the settee)The one ive got now looks a lot more like me actually...

    I changed mine so you all could see how attractive I

    Headless Man

    Simple, everyone keeps cutting my head off in photos, so I fixed

    funny thing about mine is that I rarely wear sunglasses

    Thanks very much,


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