I love my husband and want to be with him for th rest of my life , but there is times i want for someone else, why is that what do i need to do

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    It is called temptation my dear. Don't let it win, because you will lose.

    Get your mind and heart back into your marriage, since you have stated that you want to be with him for the "rest of your life".  You are an immature person  who needs some kind of a thrill and your husband isn't doing it for you.  Not every day of a marriage is exciting so don't expect it to be.  Put forth some effort and quit are heading for trouble if you continue down this road.  Grow up!

    ed shank

    Right on.

    Thanks ed. I hope it is taken to heart, otherwise, it will be another marriage down the drain. Sad.

    Love is tough win things aren't perfect but it never is, stop thinking about yourself and think about him more show him respect and things will improve.

    Also if you rent and watch the movie "FireProof" I believe you both will learn something from it.


    I've heard lot's of great feed back on that movie ,
    Headless Man

    Great movie especially if your having any kind of marriage problems.

    you should try relaxing to get the other person off of you r mind

    I think, keep busy, because when you relax, your mind will be thinking about different things, including wanting for some one else.  Try to do more things , like hobbies, with your husband., more time to geather.

    You're being put to the test of temptation. the evil one knows your weakness,don't let him win, or you certainly will be sorry after all fantasy is over with. the grass always look greener on the other side of the fence.

    This curiosity will eventually play itself out and that will be the beginning of the end of your marriage. A marriage counselor may set you right, or a shrink. I'm sure there are many marriages that have lost their spark. As long as there is no abuse you should be able to find once again the reason you married this person in the first place, assuming it was for love and not $$$$$.

    My number is: (808) 555-1212,

    ed shank

    Home wrecker.

    LOL !!!!!! Go to Las Vegas there is work for someone who thinks like you !

    It's actually for city telephone assistant. Not my real number. Did you try to call me, Umbriel? :)

    Go have an affair..... Feel bad about it... tell your hubby... ruin your marriage.... or just suck it up.... your choice......



    Some humans , there is a reason, cannot or are not capable to stay in a monogamous relationship.



    Then stay alone instead of causing someone else lots of heartache!

    Maybe some role playing games are in order .Go some place separately and see if he can pick you up .Promise something wild if he can . Its about having fun . All the advise you have been given is good choose something that works and start .             Bill

    Someone else sounds to specific, the only way to get your mind off someone else is to put it back on how much you love your husband.

    Just because you are married doesn't mean that you will never be attracted to another man. If you start a friendship with someone else and you start to get emotionally attached, that's very dangerous to your marriage and fidelity.

    You should end the emotional ties to this other guy and concentrate on putting that energy into your marriage. If you want it to last. Hope this helps.

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