my life is at a crossroads. How do I make a significant difference when not happy where I am?

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    Make a list of some things that you want to accomplish, along with a deadline date to do so.  Having some set goals will change your whole attitude which sounds like something you might want to do for yourself, not to mention,  for those people around you.

    Don't stay "stuck" in unhappiness....get moving and change it!  You can.

    Take the first step.... it is the hardest.

    Map out a plan for the day then the week,month,set some goals as well as ambitions ,life's what you make of it...

    There are opportunities in every situation and if you will look for the opportunities you will be turning your back on any consideration of being a victim.   

    I know what your feeling like in many ways. You will find that there are going to many of those cross roads in your life. It's almost as if your soul is stirring trying get you to grow. Remember growing pains as a child? They aren't the most comfortable things to go through whether it's a mental thing or a physical thing. Be careful with your decision because in many cases they are virtually irreversible. If it involves hurting someone else in the process of change, be gentle to them. Ultimately, if you don't do something you will be stuck in the middle of the road of indecision.

    Think carefully about which road you take.

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