wha do the cats ,think??

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    My cats are for the most part very very good, but the evil twins find a lot to get into ......

    Yes. Cats do wha and wha do the dogs, know?

    They think about catnip and sleeping. 

    During this cold weather, one of my cats, loves to get under bed clothes at night with me, and when I do not lift up Quilt for her, (which some times I do not, just for fun, she trys to get her head under it, to get in herself. She makes me laugh, so I have to give in.

    my cats dreaming of more catnip..


    "" Amusin'. I'm thinkin' about nippin' another cat...heh...heh.


    I love this pic, so cute. Reminds me, when Im thinking how to answer a silly question/ my fingers on desk.

    I wish I could dress up just like this cat when I go to work.

    They think about achieving comfort ultimately, no matter what they have to do to get there.  And God forbid you try to dislodge them,......but then again, who would want to??


    michmar118, my fur baby is far from happy when I have to move her, and lets me know, Meow, but I do not want my bum sticking out of bed,just for her comfort lol

    they think they rule the house (I think they're right) they think I'm here only for they're convenience, and they think I should be very grateful when they come in with an occasional present, usually huge earthworms and mice, they also think I'm pushy if I want any part of the bed. They also think cockroaches and blowflies are really yummy


    lambshank, your lucky, at least your cats, do some work, bringing the occasional presents, I get none. Lazy cats, and spoiled.

    Lambshank did you not know that dogs have owners but cats have staff?

    lamb- ALL cats are born into, it only makes sense that they control their homes. :)

    My cat thinks he is king of the house and for good reason, he thinks he should get his treat on que and he does,  he sleeps therefore he is, he'll play if he must and my lap is his castle......The dogs are just peasants...

    My cat spends 18 hours of the day sleeping, two percent of each day looking at the world upside down and the rest of the time bossing me around.

    They don't have to think ... they only have to do it....

    My Oliver loves everybody Kobe is a brat then there are the evil twins OH MY what a life......

    My cat Shine has a give a shit attitude.

    My cats know when I get home from work and walk to the car to greet me! They like to walk to the mail box everyday ! They also think only of food! And they have their spots where the food should be served! These are outside cats but each has their own personality! I love them!

    MY MY....This will take too long to explain...and some cats are a little raunchy- but no where near as much as dogs!  But they absolutely are some the great philosophers, poets, and they can sit in prayer for hours.  They are, as I commented above, born into Royalty...If treated with deep respect and constant admiration and love they will give you their heart..and allow you to feed them, pay the rent/mortgage, work, clean their litter, and if you must, play with dogs.

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