How to get up dates on two previous questions, ?

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    Go to top contributors and scroll down until you find the persons name you are after (ole Hipster) ,click on thier name and that will take you to thier profile page,there you will see what questions or answers that person has asked or answered.As for the lady with the cat,i think that may have been melandrupert,so if you follow the instructions i have given you,you will find melandrupert in the same way.


    pythonlover, Thanks for info, Hope your not mind reader lol as I have been wondering, How to find profiles.

    If you can remember who posted the question, go to that person's profile and look through their questions.  If you answered it, go to your own profile and look for the answers that you posted. You can then go to the question from either source.  Up there in the question part, there are two arrows.  Highlight the "follow this" arrow and you will be notified when an answer has been posted to that question.  

    I saw your reply this morning (1/12).  You haven't seen melandrupert lately because her mom passed away quite recently.  She has had more than her share of grief lately.

    What do you mean updates? Do you need to check questions you posted?

    Not questions I posted,maybe more comments that were posted, one about  Old hipster, who was ill, hope I got name right ?

    Also, about a cat, who was in and out of Vets, (cant recall name of lady, who posted the updates, sorry) Cat had crystals or some prob, in urine. The owner was keeping us up to date.


    Melandrupert's cat, Harvey, was having a lot of problems a couple of months ago. She also had a cat named Henry.
    Just go to Old Hipster's profile to see if she posted a question that mentioned her illness.

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