Any recovering alcoholics out there really struggling at the moment?

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    I'm not recovering but I was heavily into booze for the better part of 30 years.I drank on a daily basis.

    One afternoon about 15 years ago I looked at my reflection in the mirror behind the bar at my favourite pub.

    The first thought I got was "Oh shit!!.Is that me?

    I have never been back in any pub. I have perhaps 3 or 4 drinks per year now.


    You are a smart and fortunate man.

    Thank you so much everyone x.Dont know what the hecks going on.Ive been sober for 11 years now(actually its a couple of months over that,it was November  2000 i had my last drink) Had some real rubbish since then,family rifts,deaths of people i thought the world of,major problems with my son.The list goes on But ive always got through  that,without  a drink.So now why when i should be so on top of my game do i find myself needing a drink?I dont get it .Yesterday for example ,when i went for my cigarettes im looking at the booze aisle again  for what i used to drink.Im glad they didnt have in stock(white cider,the vodka had no attraction for me anymore ).One of my sayings is "what dont kill you makes you stronger".But funny enough i dont feel strong at the moment.My own common sense tells me picking up a bottle would be disastrous.I cannot live like that again ,couldnt do withdrawal again either,  but the litt le voice at the back of the mind says"one drink wont hurt"etc etc. I did check meeting times last night(must be 9 years since ive been to AA,),wouldnt hurt to tag along.Thank you again Tommy,Daren,Mich and Doo,dont know what today will bring,but i hope i wont pick up a drink .Love and thanks , J.xx


    Leosmaml just remember that green monkey will always be on your shoulder least when you expect it please pick up the phone to your sponcer or get back to AA asap you are the only one who can put a stop to this you have done so much work and well done you should know the signs like listnig to music going to old places dont do any of these as they only will leed you back to hell... get out of the house go for a walk clear the cobwebs from your head if you need to talk ask Colleen for my email dont for get the higher power hug that tree please pick up the phone to someone god bless you xxxPS there is no such thing in one drink it will turn out to be a very long drink to HELL
    ed shank

    Dude, pleeeease don't do it. You know what the end result will be. Call a friend or hit AA again. What's going on in your life now that's making you consider dying a slow miserable death? You have the guts to stay straight. One drink will kill you and you know it. You get a special prayer right now from me.

    leo- thanks for sharing that! I'm glad we when you want to 'pick up' you can let us know. It is a viscios disease- both mentally and's not just a 'bad habit' or a matter of will power. One Day at a Time...and meeting makers make it!

    leosmaml, You've done the absolutely right thing! We ALL need continuing education classes in life to sharpen us up again. Apparently now is your turn and you are smart enough not to play hookey!! Hope this meeting today was the life line you need now. You are moving forward and although you must be feeling pretty raw, your life is already more positive than it was last week. Little by little. In two weeks+ you'll be so amazed and grateful of where you are! You did good!!

    I am one that is better off away from the booze. The thing to remember, is that stuff doesn't make anything easier, if anything it just makes things worse. If you are feeling what you are feeling, you should go to a meeting. You need to talk, get things out there, and figure out what is triggering this compulsion to have that one drink. Don't let that stuff bring you down, as deep down you know it will, if you let it start. Just remeber that withdrawal and exactly how horrible that can be to go through. Keep it simple, and you'll work through it one day at a time. It's a common thing for alcoholics to be away from it so long, that they sometimes convince themselves they can safely drink again. That how it starts with anyone who has went back out there...and then they're on that slippery slope to Hell. Be strong, and know my heart and thoughts are with you.

    leosmaml....Are you okay?  Lots of people here are worried about you, I'm sure.  Talk to us.


    Thanks Ducky,still here,still sober.To try and explain why someone would dull their senses with booze????Difficult,i dont know why my social drinking became a problem.Some days id wake up feeling great,others like ****.Your mind plays tricks,you have a drink to make you feel better or if you make it through to 7pm you deserve one..But i cant put the bottle down.......And i dont want to go there again....But its 9 45pm now,i know what time the shop closes and im not going to have a drink today

    I am not an alcoholic leosmaml so, of course, I cannot "get it". I do know several alcoholics though, and we have talked. I know that each one struggles at times and it's a good day when "I did not drink today". I hope that you will not drink again tomorrow but right now, I do realize that you cannot promise that. Do whatever you must, including AA but please do it now!!!!

    leosmaml....Please don't leave us!!!!!   Don't go back down that lonely road!!!!!

    I havnt ever been a alciholic but I have done counceling for AA and NA if you need or any one needs to talk please ask Colleen for my email and I will do my best to help just remember everyone out there this is a Disease x


    Thank you Mel xx

    So sorry your demons are sitting back on your shoulder,please keep strong Leosmami you have come too far to fall back into them dark horrible days.I imagine this is the fight of your life at the moment, keep focused ,it will pass,just remember "ONE DAY AT A TIME".Good Luck.

    Two young guys were sitting in a bar when one looked over and saw two dried up drunken old men sitting across from them ,one said to the other "hey jack that's us in ten years" his buddy replied no hank that's a mirror......

    I believe AA has lists of meetings all around the world and perhaps they have chat sites...try to google! And call someone!!!

    " I feel sorry for people that don't drink,when they wake up in the morn-in ,that's the best that their go-in to feel all day ! " ;)


    What if a person wakes up in the morning,happy and looking forward to the day? Why would they ruin it by dulling the senses with booze?

    Leosmaml,  not a recovering alcoholic, but I just wanted to send you thoughts of caring and support,  I know addiction intimately and you are so wise to be reaching out in your time of difficulty.  Please do take it one day at a time, one hour at a time or even one minute at a time.  It takes so much strength to do this and I admire and fully respect you doing so.  Keep your faith oh-so close to you right now. Don't fall back, just put your head down and keep forging ahead.  "This, too, shall pass"  as my grandmother often said, and she was always right.

    Thats the devil sitting on your schoulder, trying to tempt you, Call AA right now. They will connect you with someone who can help you. I think its a good sign, that you are reaching out to us. You just cant go there again!

    Strange you asked that, someone in town just died from it  two days ago. 


    My late husband died a drinking alcoholic.It was watching him die (and of course the lead up)spurred me on to try and give it up.I dont want to die like that

    @leosmaml...I know someone who is killing himself with alcohol and another who died a few years ago, with the same addiction. They both look 20 years older than their real age...awful to watch!

    Yet again i find myself saying thank you.Went to a meeting earlier and nows  the best ive felt for a few weeks on and off.I still dont know what happened,complacency?But i dont get like that usually.I deal with things as they come and i do it sober .So why start to unravel????Heaven knows.But  although i knew in my own mind i was going off the wagon,i havent had a drink today.And i hope i dont have one tomorrow though thats another day.With love and thanks,J x


    leosmaml,good for you, I hope things continue to go well for you, just know that there are people that really care

    Just read this glad you went and that it helped. A woman told me that she has not had a drink in almost 20 years but still goes to a meeting, twice a week and will do so forever, if that's what it takes. Like you, she can't explain the "upsets", but struggles too. Best to you, leo.

    Leos:  Hope you're doing OK......  Stay ON the wagon.  You can do it.

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