can lemon or lime juice lighten liver spots/age spots on your skin/arms/legs? A friend told me to rub my forearms with the squeezed rinds/hulls after using the juice in cooking or other.

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    Lemon is good for skin lightening.
    Apply lemon juice it'll help you get rid of dark spots and reduce freckles on face
    Apply half a lemon twice a day to lighten your skin tone.
    Lemon really helps also if you dip tissue in milk and put it on you face also vitamin really work


    Have any other suggestions?! I need everything in your kit.

    How do you use the lemon? Squeze it in a glass and apply. Can you you bottled lemon juice? What kind of milk?

    I heard to rub lemon halves (cut side down) and baking soda on your arms will help. I have a few temporary spots that I've used this on.....

    I hope the answer is here.  I am liver spotless but that can't possibly last forever.


    Still Liver Spotless? That’s the way to be!

    Yes, lemon juice really helps to remove dark spots. You can also make a mixture of honey and lemon juice with almond oil and milk powder for curing Dark Skin.

    Yes, lemon juice really helps to lighten dark spots. You can also apply a mixture of lemon juice and honey is also considered a popular Dark Skin cure. Some barley powder can also be added to this bleach to make a paste.


    You can use lemon directly by squeezing it under your arms. This has good lightening properties and your freckles will be removed. Additionally, you will get clear and soft skin.

    it depends on the age of the scar and how deep the scar is. lemon does help. i used cut limes and squeeze the juice for my tea. then i take the peels/rinds to rub on the dark spots and scars. i also used to coconut oil for my skin to help heal my skin. both got rid of scars. the lighter and new scars go first. the older and darker ones take time. i also use the limes to get rid dark discolorization of my elbows.

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