how to get my finance and friend out of africa and his friend is now in jail because of expired visa and will go to prison for 3 yrs unless we can come up with 1000 to pay fine , they have gone through much , they went to country to build them rodes and are now stuck in country

    they have both been beaten, robbed, hit and run , my finance has had different surgeries because of it and they now have to sleep on streets because of no money left after being robbed so many times.. I have been the only one to help them with little i can send, im disabled and only can work part time, We need help desperately and i dont know where to turn, pls can anyone help us. We pray to god for guidance but to no avail, I cannot stand by to see them suffer any longer , it has been over a yr that they have been stuck there,  we all have gone through so much . Pls if anyone is out there that can help , im begging you .


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    Sounds like a load of poo poo to me... You could probably look up the phone number to where they say they are being held and check into the laws in the area they are saying they are in. The penalty they are speaking of seems way to harsh to be a real law. Most likely they would only be deported to their country of origin, not given a 3 year prison sentence.

    I agree with both answers and think someone is scamming you, be very, very careful. Once they get your credit card number say goodbye to your money. I hope you're not that naive. Good luck.

    Please tell me this : Is the fiancée some one you have found on line or some one you have actually seen in person? Facts say if its Africa and a stranger asking for money its a scam . What country in Africa is this happening in????? I have contacts in Ghana and Johannesburg South Africa  Also can provide contacts for Ghana police if you require them . They should make a straight path to the embassy if they are US citizens .  Sad but I smell SCAM here !           Bill

    You need legal counsel for both of your problems. We only answer general questions here. This question and your other question are beyond our capabilities. We are only volunteers with a few basic computer skills. You need lawyers and and maybe even your embassy involved in this.  Best of luck to you and all concerned. 

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