What instrument do you play, or want to learn how to?

    I learned to play the piano.

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    I play the piano, ragtime, show tunes, classical, some pop.... a variety (I can entertain myself and accompany singalongs).  In school I played  alto and baritone saxaphones.  I have a harmonica and a banjo, both of which it would be awesome to play.  I would love to play the trumpet and drums, also.  


    wow! i always wanted to play piano and never learned. you have made wonderful musical accomplishments! oh how i wish i was musically gifted!

    Well done Bob I have tried the piano .I can only sing .

    I can't carry a tune in a bucket, dowsa. Would love to have a voice people wanted to hear.

    I forgot to mention the harmonica. I wish I could play it like Stevie Wonder.

    carmaxable, I don't really have much talent, I can just read the music and my fingers know where to be. Very thankful for the opportunity, though; it has provided pleasure and therapy for me since I was 7. My mom bought our piano from a family who was moving to Alaska. I have that piano in my home. Boy, it needs to be tuned! :D

    i have a keyboard and a guitar.  just pick and play with other songs for my own fun.


    That is talent, Tabber!

    I sing!!!! 

    Piano/HammondB3-- Professionally, I also sell pianos for a living, almost 30 years now.


    You are in an area where people are really able to afford good Pianos and concerts. I’m impressed, Vinny.

    Yes, and that is the reason i moved here from ohio almost 30 years ago. Selling pianos in the bay area of CA is the top sales area high end anything. I think you are down in the Fresno area?? You lost a good (great) pianos store there, 'Fresno Piano'.. The owner of that store is now up here -- I wish he would go back though, he's too good, he's taking my deals.. LOL!!!

    i do play the drums although it's been a while i do miss playing, but the rythem is in my heart forever..


    I hear the drum beat over everything else. It is the heart of music.

    I use to play in a few local bands in boston in the early 80s..lots of fun.

    I learned the trombone first, then on to the baritone, sax, percussion, bass guitar, and just a little lead guitar. I would really like to learn to play the piano though. Such a beautiful sounding instrument..


    The trombone seems like the most difficult instrument, along with those brass instruments with only three valves.

    With trombone you can't be tone death, that's for sure. I think guitar was harder to learn for me you really have to get your fingers in the exact places... I suppose I should have started at a younger age?

    I play tenor and plectrum banjo and have done since I was 15. Presently I have 6 banjos, 2 of them are Vegavox which I play more than the others. My father was 5 years in the states and played for a time with Eddie Peabody. He also toured the states and Canada 2 years with, at the time, a big circus and it was his banjo that I started learning on. 


    very good and with exciting history

    Do you play professionally?

    I would like to play the piano.


    Look for an instructor. Interview that person for the job of teaching you.

    I wish I could play the piano, drums, guitar, and saxophone. 


    I think you could be good at any or all of them.

    play beginner level keyboard and would like to do better. i love singing too.


    There is an old saying, "Practice makes perfect." Nothing is perfect, but practice correctly and you will definitely improve.

    thanks for the encouragement, Bob/PKB.

    I learned to play Guitar when I was 12 years old . Have not played in a long time. I also loved to sing while playing Guitar.


    I always mean to sing every day. I usually do.

    When you’re down and out
    Lift up your snout and shout
    It’s gonna be a grrreat day!

    Thats great, itsme. I love to sing!Maybe that is why all my birds disappeared. I might have scared them away!

    piano, used to trumpet,  now no time..............


    Hope you can find time to enjoy them again!

    Why I conduct penguins!  They look lovely while the chirp-sing.  I would love to have the voice for whale and dolphin..they tolerate me trying-LOL

    I played the guitar “professionally” for years. My audience were short people about the size of fire hydrants-my preschool kids.  I played 3 or 4 chords and just didn’t progress. When I went to sell the guitar I found out that it was way too big for my hands. I would never ever ever be able to play it. Sad, but true. I don’t want to try again.  I’ll just listen.

    I love the piano and think about getting one. I lived in a rented place that had a really good piano. I sat down and entertained myself for hours. I didn’t play known tunes ~ I made it up as I went. Loved it.


    just sold my upright apt.size for $400!

    You should invest in a digital piano, small size and sounds even better than most small acoustic pianos in the same price range and also never needs tuning, sounds like a grand piano and you can play at night with headphones. If interested, I can help you decide but I won't sell in your area. Two very good ones are Yamaha and Roland. If you want a really nice low cost one, look for the Yamaha P95B-- You can find them under 500.00 and they really are amazing for the cost. :)

    $500 is not in the budget right now. Things will be better in ONE year. I’ll really think about Yamaha at that time. It’s kinda unbelievable!

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