What's more powerful, money, beauty, or love?

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     In Love I think Love is the most powerful it can make you happy it can make you sad and you can die of a broken heart ...the rest is not real when yo think about it Beauty dies is useful but it cant make you happy or fall in love (well not truelove) so it has to be LOVE


    Beauty can fade and money comes and goes... Love can last forever.

    Love.  Money and Beauty are certainly desirable, but Love conquers all.  (Gag me with a spoon)


    Hey Bob/PKB i do agree that love conquers all. i don't feel we give love as much a chance as we should in many situations,including politics, everyday interactions with each other, etc. However, money is pretty powerful. Beauty does not conquer all, but it conquers most. Speaking of beauty, nice picture.

    :D You are right, tabber, we don't give love much of a chance any more. People tend to be skeptical and cynical about almost everything. I'm still optimistic about sharing love some day, and I know that when that day comes, no one will be richer or feel more beautiful than I.
    P.S. on the photo...thanks!
    ed shank

    Money is king. With it you can transform the ugliest SOB into a beautiful Prince or Princess. You can buy love, it may be artificial but there are some very believable people out there.

    You cynical old fart, ed shank! The beauty you buy is nothing if you open your mouth and ugly comes out! You CAN by people do to whatever you want, but you cannot buy REAL love (whatever the heck THAT is).
    ed shank

    Proof that money buys love is on the news every day. Look at the ugly SOB athletes with the drop dead gorgeous babes their engaged to. Money can't by love? My a**.

    Are you saying that "ugly" can't be loved unless "ugly" has money to buy it?

    In the political and business world, it's definately money

    "" Beauty helps a lot. Beauty gets you a powerful man with money and love. You can have all three...


    now that is one of the most natural facts the world over!!!


    Love.  As I get older, it seems that this category is more meaningful to me than the other two.  Money ranks last with me.  I hope it always will.

    I'm agreeing with Bob/PKB, love is absolutely more powerful than money or beauty. Love keeps the world together

    ed shank

    You can't eat love, run out of $$$$$ and the love of your life will run out on you.

    The beauty of seeing your loved ones (humans,animals,nature) can not be bought!


    clu, neither can health. But money goes long way. Cant live on love alone.

    you know bob, that's why i like little kids so much.  observe little kids 2 to 7 or so.  how they get along.  they tend to cooperate in a quick and appreciative way toward each other.  maybe we should let the little ones teach the old grown up people how to act. Kids interact, resolve conflict. kids find a natural leader, support a leader.  cry and get sympathy from each other.  i study people, and  little kids are absolutely facinating.  especially playing at the park. it appears that they love and appreciate each other even without saying a word about it.  they just play play play in an honest way, until they tire out. i think love guides kids. love of fun. love of exploration. love of exercise. love of interacting with new people.

    LOVE, far!

    i guess it all depends in which world your living in.

    It would have to be love, you can't buy true love,  money can't buy true beauty either, it comes from within, unfortunately neither  true love or inner beauty pay the bills

    To us as individuals, it is What we love.

    To the world as a whole it is Love, the Creator.



    Im probably being overly cynical but am saying money.You can buy the other two with it


    A A A man on that!

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